10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips That You must know!

We all use WhatsApp in our daily life and I can say it has became a part of our daily life cycle but may be we don’t know some of its secret tips and tricks that can improve the productivity of WhatsApp messenger. We can say that because WhatsApp is the one of the most used app world wide by its 600 million active users and it is increasing day by day! WhatsApp already started totally free service in many countries like India to increase the number of active users. So, if you’re using WhatsApp on daily basis then you must know this WhatsApp Tricks and Tips.


10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips That You must know!


As I said above, In this article I am going to uncover some hidden Whatsapp tips and tricks that most probably you don’t know! The tricks will cover major topic like WhatsApp Hacks, WhatsApp cheats, WhatsApp Tricks, WhatsApp Tips for Android as well as some of trick will also work on iPhone or iOS devices.


10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips That You must know:

#10 Share any kind of files (PDF, DOC, APK, etc.):

As we all know, We can only send Images, videos and contact using WhatsApp messenger but What if we want to sendPDF files, DOC files, APK files or any other files to our friends using WhatsApp?


Follow these simple steps to send any kind of file on WhatsApp:


    1. Download any cloud storage app to your smartphone like Dropbox or Box or Google Drive!
    2. Once you successfully download & install any of the above app then open it and create an account in it.
    3. Now just upload a file in that app which you want to send to your friend.


  1. Once upload is complete there will be option of share, tap on it and share that file with your WhatsApp friend.
  2. Once you share the file with your friend, a link to your uploaded file will be sent to your friend, so that he/she can easily download that file.


So, this is how you can share any format of file to your friend using WhatsApp messenger.


#9 WhatsApp Picture Trick:

Did you ever received an Image with the different thumbnail! i.e before your download a blurry image of a sexy girl will come in your Whatsapp and when you hit the download button it will become a image of a monkey or anything else which will troll you.


If you also want to troll your friends the checkout this WhatsApp Picture Trick of Thumbnail change.


#8 Generate Fake Screenshot of WhatsApp Conversation:

Did you ever received screenshot of the WhatsApp chat from your friend? showing his/her conversation with the someone else… It may be fake conversation.


I have already written this whatsapp trick few days back on my blog checkout this WhatsApp Trick To Generate Fake Conversation (Chat) Screenshot.

#7 Hide WhatsApp Images & Video from Android Gallery:

When you download any media from WhatsApp it can be see into Android Gallery. Sometime Images and Videos which revived are private.


If you want to hide that Images and videos from gallery then there is a small trick that you need to perform checkout that trick to Hide WhatsApp’s Images & Videos From Android Gallery.


#6 Change DP of your Friend:

It is really not possible to change the dp (profile picture) of someone else in WhatsApp but you do a prank by following this trick.
By following this steps it will change the WhatsApp Profile Picture of your friend but it will only change to the device on which you perform this trick :


    1. Download a funny or shocking image that you want set as your friend’s dp.


    1. After downloading it resize it to 561 x 561 Pixel dimension using ‘RIOT image resizing’.
    2. Now find your friend’s dp in SD card/Whatsapp/profile pictures folder.


  1. It will be named with your friend’s name and number all you need to do is just replace his dp with the funny or shocking resized image that you’ve created.


So, this is how you can Change the Profile picture of your friend on WhatsApp.

#5 WhatsApp on PC (Using WhatsApp Web):

Few days back WhatsApp has launched his one of the most awaiting feature, its WhastApp web. So now you can chat from your PC or Laptop from the browser using its web version.


For this all you need to do is go to the WhatsApp Web Website and then scan the QR code from your phone and start chatting from Web browser.

#4 Disable WhatsApp Message Read Receipts:

As we all know Whatsapp is know showing the blue check marks which denotes that the message is read by the recipients but did you know that under privacy settings you can disable that WhatsApp blue checkmarks.



#3 Use 2 WhatsApp in a Single Android Phone:

We all use dual sim phones nowadays! but what if we want to use 2 WhatsApp in a Single phone? There is one trick available using it now you can use 2 WhatsApp accounts in a Single Android phone.


#2 Use WhatsApp on Tab which does not have SIM slot:

If you have a Tablet which does not have a sim slot and you want to use WhatsApp on it then no need to worry! Now you can use WhatsApp on tablets without sim with this easy trick.


#1 Turn of Auto Image & Video Download:

If you are using a limited data plan then this trick will help you to save your data by simply turning off auto download of images and videos.
Just like me if you are a member of many groups and receiving many images and videos daily in groups then it can eat your mobile data very quickly! so why don’t we download things which we actually want to download? for this you need to turn off the auto download option in Whatsapp setting.


To turn off auto download navigate to WhatsApp settings > Chat setting > media auto download and there change setting of auto download as per your requirement.
Final Verdict…
So, I hope this 10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips will be helpful to you to improve your experience with the WhatsApp Messenger. as I said earlier it is covering WhatsApp Hacks, WhatsApp cheats, WhatsApp Tricks, WhatsApp Tips for Android, iOS & Windows.


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