Easiest Way to Use WhatsApp on PC – WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp on PC or Web was the most awaited feature of the WhatsApp Messenger and finally it is now live for the all WhatsApp users. From last 2 years many peoples are searching for the way to use the WhatsApp messenger on the PC and before this there are couple of ways to do so but it was not so easy to use WhatsApp on PC using bluestacks or any other android emulator software because WhatsApp is allowing to use a single phone number on a single device so if you login from bluestacks you can not use it to your phone at a same time.

Easiest Way to Use WhatsApp on PC - WhatsApp Web

However there was a technique to use WhatsApp on PC and Phone at a same time using a paid app WhatsRemote but this technique also requires root permission to run the app and also it was not the authorized way to use the WhatsApp on PC.

In this article, We will going to discuss about How to use the WhatsApp web version and use WhatsApp on PC and Phone at a same time with this new feature of the WhatsApp Messenger.

How to Use WhastApp on Web?


Step 1 – Update if you are using still an older version

WhatsApp web interface requires QR code scanner to login into the WhatsApp web interface and there was a no option for the QR code scanning in previous whatsapp messenger versions  so our first step is to update WhatsApp from Google Play to its latest version for the new QR code scanning option.
Update WhastApp



Step 2 – Open WhatsApp Web Interface

Once you successfully update the WhatsApp to its latest version then open WhatsApp Web interface in your PC or Laptop’s browser (i.e Google Chrome).


Open WhastApp Web


The link to the WhatsApp Web version is >here<


Step 3 – Verify the Internet Connection

Before we move forward to the next step first you have to check the internet connectivity of PC (Laptop) and Phone.


Note : If there will be no internet connection to any of one device then you can not use WhatsApp Web interface. For example, Your phone is not connected with the Internet then you can’t connect to the WhatsApp web interface.

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Step 4 – Its time to scan!


Once you successfully load the WhastApp Web version site then there you will find a square QR Code on it home page.


All you need to do is press menu key (vertually you can press that three verticle dots) in your mobile and under it you will find and option of QR code scanning just tap on it.


Now you will see a scanner on your screen with the help of that scanner scan the QR code which is on the Web Page of the WhatsApp Web interface. It will take hardly 1 second to scan your code and once your code is scanned and your phone will vibrate then say Cheers!!!
WhastApp Web Design
Similar WhastApp Web Interface
Guess what? You have successfully logged in to your WhatApp Web version and from it now you can chat with your friends can see WhatsApp images, WhatsApp videos and all stuff from your PC or Laptop.


Final words:

I hope this How to Guide for Using WhatsApp’s Web interface will help you to use WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop easily and I think this is the easiest way to use WhastApp on PC that whatsapp announced last week.


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