How to unlock Android phone if Forgot Pattern

Many times our pattern lock’s pattern is too much complicated to remember, In this case there are chances of Forgetting Pattern is more. So, What to do if you forgot pattern ? How to unlock Android phone with forgotten patten lock ? or How to bypass android pattern lock screen ? If these questions are in your mind then here We’ve provided the perfect solutions to Unlock android phone after forgotten patten lock.


Unlock ByPass Android pattern lock screen


There are many methods for unlocking (bypassing) android pattern lock after forgotten pattern that I have found on the Internet forum. I am explaining those methods to bypass android pattern lock with more clear views.


Note : If none of these method works sadly you have to wipe whole data of your phone.



Disclaimer :


This guide if for Education purpose only and only for those people who have forgotten their pattern lock screen. You shall not use these methods to someone’s phone without the permission of the owner. We are not responsible for any kind error occurs during this processes. Files and tutorials are created according to our experience and collected from Internet and XDA forums.

Unlock Android phone if Forgot Pattern:-

So, let’s start the methods to bypass/unlock Android pattern lock.

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Method #1 : Flash ZIP and via CWM and ByPass Pattern lock screen :


    • Download the Pattern lock disable zip file from this link.
    • Move that zip file to the SDcard of your phone using a card reader.
    • Now insert that SDcard to you phone.
    • Reboot your phone into recovery mode (For this first switch of your phone and then keep pressing Volume Up+Home+Power button till recovery screen appear.)
    • Now flash the zip file which you’ve downloaded using recovery mode and then reboot your android smartphone.


  • Guess what ? You’re done pattern lock of your Android smartphone shall be disable.

Method #2 : ByPass Android pattern lock screen using ADB :


  • For this method you need A computer running with a Linux distro or Windows+Cygwin and USB cable to connect your phone with PC.
  • Open Terminal from you PC and type below code in it.


sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb
  • Then hit Enter.
  • Now connect your Android phone with PC using USB Cable.
  • Then open a terminal window in PC and type below code in it.


adb devices
adb shell
cd data/system
rm *.key
  •  You’re done ! Now just restart your android phone.


Note : If it ask for pattern lock after restarting, Don’t worry…Just enter a random pattern and you’re phone should be unlock.

Method #3 : ByPass Android pattern lock via SMS :

  • For this method You’ve to installed a application to your phone before the lock accident occurs.
  • Download SMS ByPass application from this link. (This app require root access to run.)
  • First make sure, You’ve given permanent root access to the app.
  • Change the secret code in the app, the by default code is :1234
  • Now, when you forgot your pattern lock or  Password of your android just send SMS from other as shown below.


1234 reset
Note : Where 1234 is your secret code, which you’ve select in the app. If you’ve changed it you need to send the new secret code via SMS as above format.
So, these are the 3 easy methods to bypass or unlock Android pattern lock if Forgot pattern. If these all method won’t work for you then you’ve to reset your phone using CWM by ‘wipe data and cache’ option. This will delete all the data of your phone including Application and contacts of your Android phone.


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