Top 5 Benchmarking apps for an Android Device

Benchmarking apps:- Want to measure the performance of your Android device ? It will be simple with these 5 Benchmarking applications which will help you to get true information of your android devices’ hardware as well as software. You can measure performance of your device and then you can compare your devices’ performance with the other similar devices. Benchmark apps will test Performance of Processors,2D and 3D Graphics systems, SD Card reading and writing speeds, web browsing, I/O and much more about your android device.


Top 5 benchmark apps for android


These are the Top 5 Benchmarking android apps by using it you can measure up the performance of your device :

1. Quadrant Standard Edition :


It is a free android app for measuring  CPU, I/O and 3D graphics performance of your android device. This is a free version it requires internet connection to run and its supported by ads. However you can buy full version of this application and get all the premium features of benchmarking. This application requires GPU to run the benchmark, It will not run on devices which are not having GPU.


Quadrant Standard Edition on Samsung Galaxy

2. NenaMark2 :


NenaMark2 is an OpenGL-ES 2.0 benchmark app for high-end android mobile devices. NenaMark2 benchmark result will highly affect the gaming performance of an Android device. More than 40 frames per second in NenaMark2 is preferable for heavy gaming on your android device.It will give you realistic results in frames per seconds.


NenaMark2 galaxy s5

3. AnTuTu Benchmark :


It is also free benchmarking app which will help you to know deeper about your android device. AnTuTu can perform tasks like User Experience (UX) ,CPU Test, GPU Test, RAM Test, I/O Test (Input/Output Test), etc. After performing these tests you can compare your device with other devices that may have powerful hardware performance.


AnTuTu Benchmark of Galaxy S4

4. Neocore:


Neocore is an OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics performance benchmark app for Android devices. It shows some techniques which can help to accelerate the performance of an Android device. Most common techniques of Neocore benchmark are pass light maps and bump mapping. The limitation of this benchmark is it only runs on Pre-jellybean devices.



5. Linpack for Android :


Linpack will help you to test the speed of your Android device and Rom with Standard CPU Benchmark.You can check the speed of your android device and can compare with other Smartphones easily. It will show results in MFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second). You can save result and also put it to website to beat other users. Link pack has been used for years on all types of computers, to rate Top 500 computers in the world and now its on Android.

Conclusion :


So after reading this post we can conclude that these all five Benchmarking apps are very useful. Before buy an Android device we should check Benchmark of the device using these apps it will give us more ideas about the performance of the device.


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