How to Run Android apps on Windows PC?

Did you ever want to run Android apps on your PC? still you don’t know how to run android apps on your PC or Laptop ? then just scroll down ! I have written a complete guide about how to run Android Apps on PC with an Android emulator software. You can use WhatsApp messenger, Viber or any other Android apps or games on your Windows PC by using Bluestacks in your PC.
Run Android apps on Windows PC
It is very simple to use Bluestacks but many persons are facing difficulties while Installing Bluestacks. So, for those people I am also writing step by step Bluestacks Installing guide + How to run Android apps on Windows PC using blue stacks. I am dam sure after following this you can easily run any android apps on your PC without facing any difficulties.

Required files for Installing Bluestacks to your PC :


How to Install Bluestacks?


First of all Install Net Framework 2.0 to your PC if it is not already installed. Windows XP and 7 users Just install the which you have downloaded from above link.
For Windows 8 and 8.1 users :
For installing net framework 2.0 you have to follow below 3 steps :
1. Go to Control panel > turn on off windows feature.
Enable dot net framework on Windows 8 and 8.1


2.There turn on “.NetFramework 3.5 (Includes 2.0 and 3.0)” this option.
Install dot Net framework on Windows 8 and 8.1
3.This requires internet connection to download the necessary files.
Once you successfully done with the installation of .Net Framework restart your PC then Install Bluestacks offline installer simply buy double clicking on it.
Wait for installation get completed and restart your PC before starting Bluestacks first time.
Note : If your PC does not have a Graphic card then While installing it may show message something like graphic driver is outdated but just ignore it and press OK.
So, Installation process over, Now let’s see how to Run Android apps on PC with Bluestacks.

How to Run Android apps on PC using Bluestacks?


1. Open Bluestacks, You’ll find screen as shown in below picture.
Bluestacks screen
2. For installing a new Android applications you can use the search option, I have highlighted it in below picture.
Install android apps to Bluestacks

Note : For downloading Android apps on Bluestacks internet connection is require.

I’ve downloaded Whatsapp Messenger on my PC using Bluestacks, I am attaching a picture of WhatsApp messenger running on my Windows 8 PC. You can use Whatsapp on PC by following this steps of Whatsapp on tablet without sim card.
Whatsapp on Windows 8 PC
You can also Install your favourite android apps to your Windows PC using Bluestacks as I’ve done !
So, Follow above steps carefully and Run Android apps on PC using Bluestacks app player. If you liked my guide then take a second to share it your friends, let them run android on their PC ! Happy sharing.

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