How to Make a Caricature Image of Yourself ? (Easiest Way)

How to Make a Caricature Image of Yourself? (Easiest Way) – Did you want to create a caricature of yourself? We all know it is very hard to make a caricature of someone using an Adobe Photoshop or a pencil and rubber. Here I am writing simple steps about How you can create a Caricature without Adobe Photoshop or Pencil and rubber.

All you need to create a caricature of yourself or someone else is an Android phone, Tablet or an iOS device like iPad, iPhone, etc.


Another thing require to create a caricature of yourself or someone else is a photo of him/her of whom you want to create a Caricature. A photo should be taken from front side so, we can get a better caricature of the personality.

Here I’ve created caricature of Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Qeen elizabeth II and Tony Abbott.

Did you like above caricature ? want to create your caricature image ? then follow below steps to create your caricature image easily.

Make a Caricature of Yourself:

  • Before we start the procedure you should have an Android or iOS device for making a Caricature Image of yourself because we need to install Application (App name: MomentCam) for making a Caricature image.
  • Download MomentCam application from these links. <MomentCam for Android> OR <MomentCam for iOS>.
  • Once the download is finished and MomentCam is installed to your device it is very easier to create a Caricature of yourself using MomentCam application still if you don’t get how to create it then here I am explaining how to make a caricature image using MomentCam application.
  • Open the application and choose the first option it is for Comics. There you can find two more options second one is emotions which will create a graphic image like stickers you can also check that option and the third option is a portfolio which will show all the caricature images which you’ve created using MomentCam application.
  • So, Now move forward to the next step. Choose a photo from gallery or capture photo of whom you want to create a Caricature image.
  • Once you select the photo there will be a wizard open for setting the position of eyes and mouth in the photo set it and choose the gender whether it is a girl or a boy and then proceed to next.
  • There you have a lot of options for customizing your caricature image. It is recommended to first set your face-outlines, hair style, eyebrows then proceed to next step in it select the design of your caricature image.
  • Choose from many designs in design gallery like Crazy, Cute, Romantic, Hot, etc.
  • And finally the last step is to click on create tab and choose the style of your caricature image. There are various styles like b/w, classic, ballpoint, canvas, etc and then save your caricature image from the top right corner save option.






Note: It requires internet connection to download designs at the first time you choose the caricature design.

So, here is the easiest way to create a Caricature Image of Yourself or someone else ! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and leave your comment below about this application.


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