Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks For Android & IOS (iPhone)

Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks:- WhatsApp is one of the biggest platforms of free messaging. It offers a rich set of features, and keeps us connected with our friends, family and loved ones. Whether you’re willing to send a text, photo or video, WhatsApp offers a perfect platform to cater your needs. Across all parts of the world, people are using it to enjoy the ambiance of free and comfortable texting. All you need is a simple internet connection, and the biggest messaging network of the world will be ready to roll.Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks For Android & IOS (iPhone)

WhatsApp is available on all major platforms. From Android to BlackBerry OS, it can run on all platforms with full proficiency. Usually, it’s seen that most Android and iOS users shop for WhatsApp tips and tricks to enhance the efficiency of their app. They want some exclusive ideas to improve the performance of the app. So, if you’re one of those who want to try latest WhatsApp tips and tricks for Android and iOS, have a look below :-

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Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks For Android And IOS (iPhone) :-

Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks For Android & IOS (iPhone)

  1. Eliminate the trouble of Last Seen

Hiding “last seen” timestamp is one most important elements of WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS. Last Seen has been a big trouble for WhatsApp users. It displayed the exact time when you checked your messages last. Thus, many of you must be looking to disable this feature for privacy reasons. Originally, it was not possible, but now, whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can disable this time-stamp just as per your wish.

If you’re an iOS user, all you have to do is go settings> chat settings>advanced and disable last seen timestamp by setting it to off. And, if you’re an android user, you have to go to setting>account> privacy, and set last seen to nobody. By doing this, nobody will be able to see your last seen, but your power to check last seen will also go away.

  1. Backup and Restore WhatsApp chats

Want to keep your precious messages safe, don’t worry backup and restore options in WhatsApp play a big part in keeping your messages safe. By using this feature, you can easily create a backup of all your messages, and can restore it just as per your wish. The problem of losing your messages while switching phones or uninstalling is eliminated permanently with this feature.Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

If you’re using an android smartphone, simply go to settings> chat settings, and tap on backup conversations to create a backup of your text messages. Your media files will not be included in backup, and you’ll have to move them manually by using any file manager. For iOS, you have go into settings> chat setting> chat backup, and then tap “Back up Now”.

After creating a backup, you can restore your messaging, by reinstalling the app. While reinstalling, you’ll be prompted to restore messages from the Back-Up.

  1. Create Shortcuts of Favorite Contacts

Another element of WhatsApp tips & tricks for Android and IOS is creating shortcuts. Home screen shortcuts play a big part in speeding up routine conversations. With one touch, you can start a private chat with your favorite contacts, and save time of opening the app, and searching in contact list. For android users, the task is pretty simple. All you have to do is simply long press the contact or group for which you want a home screen shortcut. A menu will pop up in which you’ll have the option to create shortcut right on the home screen.

For iOS, you can use a third party like 1TapWA to create home screen shortcuts. By default, this feature isn’t available in WhatsApp for iOS.Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

  1. Restrict WhatsApp images from appearing in gallery

WhatsApp images in gallery can create great amount of trouble for android and iOS users. First of all, it adds excessive clutter inside gallery, and secondly, it creates privacy issues too. But, iOS users can stop WhatsApp images from showing up by going into settings> privacy> photos, and tap on the WhatsApp switch to “off”. Within seconds, WhatsApp images will stop showing up in your gallery.

Android users, on the other hand have to create a .nomedia file in WhatsApp images or videos directory. In order to do this, you have to use a file manager up to navigate into respective directories, and create a new file named as .nomedia. As soon as this file is created inside WhatsApp images and videos directories, you’ll not have the trouble anymore!

  1. Protect WhatsApp from Prying eyes!

These days, most of the people are willing to protect their messages from unauthorized access. WhatsApp doesn’t offers inbuilt options to lock the app, but iOS and android users can simply do it by using third party apps. If you have android, WhatsApp lock would do the job, and if you’re an android user, Password for WhatsApp Messages app will lock-up your private conversations and messages.

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  1. Enable Popup notifications for quick access

Whether you’re using an iOS or android device, you can enable Popup notifications to ease up the trouble of opening the app every time for checking and replying in private chats. In order to enable this feature in android smartphones, you have to go into WhatsApp settings> notifications> popup notification, and select between, “when screen is on”, “when screen is off”, or “always show popups”.Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

For iOS devices, you have to enter into notification center> open WhatsApp, and select the alert type required!

  1. Send multiple images over a single image

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and IOS also include sending multiple images in one. It is one of the best ways to prank your friends. By using this trick, you’ll send an image to your friend, but when he’ll open it, another image will show up. For android users, this trick can be executed by using the image combiner for android phones, and for iPhone users, Fhumb App can be used.

  1. Disable automatic downloading of media files

By default, WhatsApp downloads media files automatically. It saves them in your gallery, and doesn’t asks for permission for download. But, you can customize this feature in your android or iPhone by following simple steps. All you have to do is go into settings> chat settings> media auto download and customize the options as per your needs. In iPhone, you can disable this feature directly by going into chat settings through WhatsApp settings.

  1. Hide WhatsApp Status and profile picture

Just like “last seen”, you can hide WhatsApp profile picture and status by following the same set of steps. All you have to do is just go into settings> account>privacy, and change settings for status and profile picture by choosing between, “nobody”, “my contacts” and “everyone”. Soon after customizing this setting, your WhatsApp profile picture and status will appear to only those you want.

  1. Check WhatsApp statistics in a minute

If you’re willing to check WhatsApp stats to find out how many message you’ve sent till now, you can do it by following a simple set of steps. Whether you’re using android or iPhone, it shows up clear and well-organized stats to meet your needs. In order to message stats in your android or iPhone, go into settings, then account, and tap on network usage. Within seconds, you’ll get full information of sent and received messages, media files, and WhatsApp calls.

  1. Make Free Calls with WhatsApp in one go!

Recently, WhatsApp pushed a new update for free calling. The update changed the UI of complete app, and brought a whole new experience of web based calling. For android, this feature can be accessed by going into contacts, and tapping on the phone icon mentioned on the top of screen or, by swiping to the left side of main screen, and selecting from recent WhatsApp calls. For iOS users, this update has not been pushed yet, but you can use the advantages of WhatsApp calling using the new cydia tweak known WhatsApp Call Enabler.

These were some of the best Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and IOS users. WhatsApp has been a terrific messaging app, and all these tricks play a big part in making it more functional and effective. By following all these tricks, you can make most out of WhatsApp experience, and enjoy a whole new world of limitless messaging. So, follow these tricks, and make sure that you learn everything about best messaging network available till date.

Many messaging apps have tried to compete with WhatsApp, but none of them has offered a better deal.

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