How To Update Your iPhone To the Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly

Hello, Guys!! Are you looking for the steps to update the newer version of the IOS on your iPhone and iPad wirelessly? Here we cover all the topics like how to upgrade to IOS and how to install the Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly. iPhone and iPad users are getting the another alert for the Apple newer version of mobile OS. But the experts in cyber security are encouraging the consumers not to ignore this latest update. It fixes an unprecedented type of security flaw. Owners of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and iPod touch and later can get this latest update according to the Apples support website. You should automatically notify when the update is present in iTunes.

Apple company has released the Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly to patch the three security vulnerabilities. It believes to have the digital arms dealers to spy on journalists, according to the New York Times. Apple’s patch targets the unknown spyware of the iPhones that can use to read the messages, record sounds, track contacts, and calls, collect the location information and password.

Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly

A newer version of the iOS for every Apple device brings the new feature and changes the way you use your mobile devices. By upgrading the newer version of the IOS it means that you had to be in front of your computer, had to connect your IOS device, download the update to your PC and then install through iTunes.

You need to install the new IOS, you have two ways to install directly on your device using a wireless connection, or through the iTunes with your device connected to your MAC.

Upgrade IOS on your Apple devices Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly

Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly

  • First, you have to back up your data, whether that is to iCloud or iTunes.
  • Always a good idea to have a backup of our data in case something wrong with the upgrade and you need to restore.
  • You have to connect with the better internet connection.
  •  While your cloud will update and download the latest version of teh update on your mobile.
  • It must easier and fast.
  • You have to make sure that your battery will fully charge. The download and installation process will take some time to download and install.
  • Tap on the settings button that visible on the screen.
  • Scroll down there you will see the general settings click on Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly
  • Click on the software menu and your device will start checking whether there is any update is available.
  • Download and install the button at the bottom of the screen to begin the installing the iPhone on the software update. 
  • You will be asked whether you want to download over Wi-Fi and will be reminded to connect to a power source.
  • The download will begin and see the blue progress bar moving across the screen.
  • The download is complete, and a window will pop up whether you want to install the update later.
  • Your device will begin the installation to update and the screen will turn black and shows the Apple logo.
  • Yoy may ask to enter your passcode, similar basic info to complete the upgrade and configuration.

Tips to upgrade the IOS on your iPhone

Latest Version of iOS Wirelessly


  • Your phone will notify when the update is available you won’t check for it.
  • If you see the little icon on the settings app on your home screen that means IOS update is available.
  • You may not have enough empty storage space that available on your device to install the update.
  • If something goes not so right and wrong with the installation, you have two options to recover the things is Recovery mode and DFU mode. 

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