Best Ways to Guard Your Kids on iOS | Make iOS Devices Kid-Friendly

Guard Your Kids on iOS: Hello friends. Today we are presenting the article on how to Guard Your kids on iOS. In the present generation, the children are very advanced, and they are born into the tablet generation and exposed to the gadgets, the internet, and the other devices. We all know that the iPhones, iPods, and iPads are the popular ones for playing the games, listening to the music, texting and watching the videos, etc. Even the kids are good at the using the gadgets because on an average they use teh mobiles devices for seven hours a day. Therefore many people are trying to find the best solution to Guard Your Kids on iOS. Here in this article, you will come to know the best ways to guard your kids on iOS devices.

Guard Your Kids on iOS

The use of the gadgets not only give the access to the latest technology but also push them into the troubles. Here is teh good news that is the Apple is providing the number of parental control options which are inbuilt in the device. And the disadvantage is that neither of the Apple parental control options will filter the inappropriate web page content for browsing. For this, you should go to the safe browser like Net Nanny or Mobicip which are available on the iTunes store.

How to Guard Your Kids on iOS

Follow the below methods to Guard Your Kids on iOS devices. Here we are listing the best ways to safeguard your child from the iPhones, etc.

Block In-App Purchase

The Block In-App Purchase is the first method to safeguard the child from the iOS devices. It is better to block the In-App purchase because whenever the kid opens your mobile, they may, unfortunately, purchase the Apps. Have a look at how to block the In-App Purchase.

  • First tap on the Settings —> General —> Restrictions
  • If you are using the restrictions feature for the first time, then tap on Enable Restrictions.
  • You will ask a four digit passcode and hence enter the passcode twice for the confirmation.
  • Next scroll down the where you can see the ‘Allowed Content’ option.
  • Now toggle off the In-App purchase option.

Guard Your Kids on iOS

Disable iTunes Installing and Disabling Apps

If you think that your kids may accidentally delete the Apps or download the prepaid Apps, then you can avoid them by disabling the Apps. To do this follow the below steps.

To Disable App Installation or Deletion:

  • Navigate to the Settings >>> General >>> Restrictions
  • In the Allow options, you can find turn OFF iTunes.
  • Now turn off the Installing Apps or deleting Apps

Finally when you turn off all the three features, then the iTunes and App Store icons will disappear from the home screen.

Guard Your Kids on iOS

Disable Safari and Protect Data

  • And for the iOS device more kid friendly we can disable the other features under the Restrictions option. Toggle OFF Safari, and therefore your kids can not visit the website through the browser.
  • For protecting the data inside the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars Go to the Accounts section and Set Don’t Allow Changes’

Guard Your Kids on iOS

Set Up Youtube Account

Yes Youtube is having a lot of content for the kids, and it is the best favorite place for them to watch the animation, music, and as well as the music. There you can make the video playlist that you think is more suitable. This protects your playlist from the being interfered with.

Guard Your Kids on iOS

Before handing the device to the kids to watch then enable the Guided Access so that you can disable the other parts of the screen to make sure that they can not leave the YouTube App.

Create iTunes Account

You can alos create an iTunes Account and then set them an allowance for the App purchase. With this, we can control and as well as monitor they spend on iTunes. If your children are mature with online activities, then it is a good way to allow them the to manage the set of Apps without linking the credit card to the account. Make sure that if you are sharing the device with your kids, then we need to swap between the accounts.

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