GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 6.0 (Official)

GBWhatsapp APK: Are you bored of using the regular WhatsApp on your Mobile? Then you can go for the GBWhatsApp APK file. This APK file allows you to install the GBWhatsApp on your phone for free. Why we are suggesting the GB WhatsApp is, there are many additional features in it than the normal WhatsApp. You can change the text font, style, your wallpapers, chat colors, etc. Moreover, you can find many more features once you download the GB WhatsApp APK file. The download process of the GBWhatsApp APK file is easy, and we provide the link to download. Therefore you no need to worry about the GBWhatsApp File for your mobile. Hence, you can install the GBWhatsApp application for free and quickly. GBWhatsApp APK

Once you download the GBWhatsApp APK, the installation process won’t take much time. You can also share your photos, videos, any other important files on this GBWhatsApp with your friends. There are other versions of the GBWhatsApp available on the internet but we provide you the latest GBWhatsApp APK file to download. Moreover, the installation of the application doesn’t need any root permission for your device. You can download quickly and fast on any mobile with the latest features that are available. Therefore, let us go through the article, to get the complete details of the download of GBWhatsApp APK file and installation steps. 

Download and Installation Steps for GBWhatsApp APK on Mobile

The latest version of the GBWhatsApp APK is version 6.0 which is available here in this article below. So, follow the below mentioned steps in the one-by-by procedure to get the app on your mobile. Moreover, the application is compatible with all the mobiles of Android and iOS. And also the same apk file applies to both the Android and iOS devices. Hence, you can start the tutorial to download GBWhatsApp APK file for free. GBWhatsApp APK

Steps to Install GBWhatsApp 

1. First, you need to download the GBWhatsApp APk file from the below provided link. 

Click Here to Download APK File

2. Once you download the file, you can use the APK file from downloads and click on install.

3. But before clicking on install option, you have to check your mobile settings that whether the Unknown Sources option is enabled or not.

GBWhatsApp APK

4. If it is enabled, just click to continue the installation.

5. Else, you need to enable the option and click on install.

6. Once the installation is process is completed, you can open the application for further permissions.

7. After that, you have to enter your mobile number for verification.

8. Now, enter the country name and mobile number. Then you will receive the OTP to entered the mobile number.GBWhatsApp APK

 9. Once you feed the OTP, you can set the profile name, photo, status, etc., as you wish. 

10. Then is aks for the on-screen permissions. Just click on allow option when the messages appear as Deny or Allow. 

11. So, now you can enjoy all the additional features of the GBWhatsApp on your mobile. 

Finally, you can chat with your friends with different text style and chat changes. 

Features of GBWhatsApp – Check Out the Latest Version

If you find difficult to know the differences or the additional features that are present in the GBWhatsApp then you go through the below features. So, you will be able to know them on your mobile app. So, let’s have a look at them. GBWhatsApp APK


  • You can hide the view status privacy.
  • You can chat with others who are not on your contact list.
  • The sharing of videos, images, documents occurs very quickly.
  • You can edit the images or videos while uploading them.
  • The videos can be sent with the memory size upto 50MB.
  • The status can be set upto 225 words without any problem.
  • There is no need for any additional app lock for this application. The app comes with the inbuilt lock mechanism. 
  • No issues on the privacy or secrecy of your chat data.


Click Here to Install GBWhatsApp

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