Low On Storage? Check Out Tips to Free up Space on iPhone

Free up Space on iPhone – Getting short of memory space on your iPhone? Thinking about SD card to store files on iPhone? Moreover, running out of storage space is a bit irritating thing. However, in this post, you can get about 4 tips and tricks to free up memory space on your iPhone. Apple company mostly spots on security aspects. Hence, iPhone come with no SD card slot. The customers who use more memory space have to make sure of many issues which become cause for eating out storage unnecessarily. Follow the post to Free up Space on iPhone, thereby utilize the maximum storage on your iPhone.

How to Free up Space on iPhone

How to Free up Space on iPhone?

You can free up the storage space on your iPhone by making use of different processes.

Make sure to delete the Applications as well as Media Files

On your iPhone, for different reasons, you might have installed different applications. But at times, all those apps remain useless. Once, you can search for the applications which you are not using much. Try to delete them from your device. Moreover, you have to check the data usage of different applications. For this, on your iPhone, choose Menu option >> Go to Settings >> Select General >> Usage >> Choose Manage Data option. Here, you can view all the applications which are in the decreasing manner of data usage.

Also, now and then you might have taken thousands of photos, videos, and so on. You can move them to some hard disk or if not needed, you can delete them from your iPhone. Also, you might have downloaded few audio as well as video files which are of heavy size. You can remove them to free up memory space.

Free up Memory Space on your iPhone using iCloud

Removing media files as well as applications from your device may not sound good in all the cases. Most of the users value photos as well as videos comparing to the device. So it’s better to follow this process in order to free up memory space on your iPhone. Moreover, iCloud is an official storage service on cloud from Apple Company. With this service, you can enjoy 5 GB storage at free of cost. If you wish for more storage space, you need to make payment of 0.99 dollars up to storage of 50 GB. Above these limits, you need to pay about 9.99 dollars and more.

On your iPhone, you can find an option – ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’. This option helps to shift heavy-size as well as high-resolution images to storage on cloud. It keeps media files which are of normal size on the device itself.

Free up Space on iPhone

Make sure to Turn-Off the Normal Photo Saving feature

On your device, if you use HDR feature, then your iPhone saves an image in its actual (original) version. With this, 2 times of the storage space goes waste. Today, most of the users wish to save all the media files in completely optimized form. You can face this kind of issue with Instagram application too. The app stores regular image indeed.

So, you have to turn-off the normal photo saving option in order to save storage space on your iPhone. For this, on your iPhone, Go to Settings >> Choose Photos and Camera option >> There you can find Keep Normal Photo option >> Turn-Off the feature (By default, Keep Normal Photo will be Turned-On).

Keep clearing the Cache of your device’s Browser

Usually, the internet browser keeps saving few files on the device at the time of surfing. It’s to make the search process bit easier. Though it’s a good thing in one way, the files may eat-out more storage space if they are of big size.

For this, on your device, Go to Settings >> Select your Browser >> Clear the History as well a Website data. Also, you can find Delete option. Click on Delete option to wipe off cache files on your browser.


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