3 Best free Anti Theft Software for Windows and Mac Laptop

Anti Theft Software: Are you people are looking to recover the Software from Virus and other hacking issues? Basically, the process of Anti Theft is used to prevent the thefts on different devices. In that way, the system has the easiest way of securing the devices. In these days, so many laptops are stolen by someone. To avoid such problem today most of the device tracker applications and websites and softwares came. By using this softwares, and applications we can track our stolen things. Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops.

Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops

With the use of the tracking software, one can find the any of the devices. By tracking the stolen things, you have to do the installation of the software to track the things before stolen the laptops. You can install these types of software it is easy to find the stolen things. The software runs in the background of your system when the stolen fellows can open the system you will get notified immediately. Also, the laptop will connect to the Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops to find the all these things. You can find the best Anti Theft software for the Windows and Mac systems here.

Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops – Steps to use Theft Software

#1. Prey Anti Theft

It is one of the popular Anti Theft software in all the Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. When the internet connection is having on the computer it starts to track the system and trigger all the actions from the single place like the remote control actions. When the data connections are in bad condition, bad things will happen. In the worst cases, Prey will help to lock down the system and also it deletes your saved credentials. In that cases, no one will have to open the stuff with private access.

Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops

The software is in the background when the thief opens the system it silently takes a picture and saved it automatically. When the thief using your device it saves all the details and sent to your mailbox what he is seeing and saving on your device.

#2. LAlarm

It is one of the Alaram security software. It gives sounds when the system is in danger. Like it stoles the data, are losing some important files. The LAlarm can recover and destroy the data if the alarm is stolen by someone. The software having seven alarm’s and also other security features. Specially designed to protect the laptops, a sensitive data that stored in the laptops.

Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops


  • Health Alarm
  • Perimeter Alarm
  • Inattention Alarm
  • Theft Alarm
  • Battery Alarm
  • Disk Alarm
  • Panic Alarm
  • Data Destruction
  • Data Recovery
  • Mobile Phone Alert
  • Theft Response

#3. iAlertU

The iAlertU software is specially made for the Macbook users. It uses to build the alarm and take a picture of the stolen person if he opens any credentials with wrong. The application can have many of the features. Check out the features of the software that are listed below.

Free Theft Software For Windows and Mac Laptops

  • Snow Leopard support.
  • You can have the login support.
  • The photo can screenshot if any third person will open the system.
  • It also supports the Multi-Screen MacBook laptops.
  • Having iPhone integration, Alarm sound.
  • It supports English, Spanish, Korean, German, Dutch, French, etc.
  • Users selectable logo and features.

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