What to Do If We Forgot iPhone Passcode | Fix It in a Easy Way

Forgot iPhone Passcode: Hai Folks. We are again back with the interesting article on what to do if you Forgot iPhone Passcode. Yes, we will provide the solutions to this kind of problems. From this article, we have the amazing stuff about the iPhone passcode issues. Many of the people may forget the passwords at some other time. Hence we might be one of them. Therefore this article will be helpful to these people who have forgotten the password. Whenever you forgot the passcode, then a message will display which says that your device is disabled. If you enter the passcode continuously for six times, then your device will be locked.

Forgot iPhone Passcode

Unless you backup the data you can not save your device data if you forgot your device passcode. Therefore you need to erase your device then it deletes the device data and settings. Choose the following ways to erase the device data so that you can remove the passcode.

  • If you have synced with the iTunes, you can use the iTunes.
  • Or else if you have signed into the iCloud and Find My iPhone is enabled then use iCloud.
  • Use the recovery mode if you do not use iCloud and can not sync or connect to the iTunes.

Forgot iPhone Passcode | Check Out How to Fix it

If you Forgot iPhone Passcode, then you need to follow the below step by step process to get back your device passcode.

Forgot iPhone Passcode

Erase your Device with iTunes to Remove the Passcode

Step 1: If you sync your device with the iTunes then you can restore your device. Therefore it erases all the device and its passcode.

Step 2: Now connect your device with the computer you synced with.

Step 3: Otherwise open the iTunes. If it asks for a passcode then try another computer you have synced with. Or else use the recovery mode.

Step 4: Next wait for the iTunes to sync the device and backup the data. If it does not work then learn how to do.

Forgot iPhone Passcode

Step 5: If the sync and backup have finished then click Restore.

Step 6: When ever you come to the Set-Up screen while restoring the iOS device then tap on restore from iTunes backup.

Step 7: Select your device in iTunes then look at the size and date of the each backup and choose the most relevant one.

Erase your Device with iCloud for removing the passcode

Step 1: Users who set up Find My iPhone on your iOS device then they can use the iCloud to erase and restore the data. Therefore this erases the device and its passcode.

Forgot iPhone Passcode

Step 2: And from another device go to the icluoud.com/find

Step 3: If it is prompted then sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 4: Next click on all the devices at the top of the window browser.

Step 5: Now select the device that you want to erase.

Step 6: And then click on the erase to erase all the devices and its passcode.

Step 7: Now you can restore either from backup or set up a new one.

Erase your Device Recovery Mode

Step 1: If you have never synced with the iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud then you have to use the recovery mode for restoring the device. This will erase the device data and as well as its passcode.

Step 2: You can connect the iOS device to the computer and open the iTunes. If there is no computer, then go to the Apple retail store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Step 3: After connecting to the device restart the device by following the below process.

On the iPhone, iPad or iPod press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons and at the same time do not release the buttons until you see the Apple logo. Hence hold both the buttons until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 4: When you see the Restore or update option then click on restore.

 Forgot iPhone Passcode

Step 5: Finally wait for the process to complete and then set up your device.

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