Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8: Error Code 0XC000014C usually occurs when you start your computer and showing some message like ” Windows failed to start. You need to repair the system”. And also informs you that boot configuration was missing on your PC. Many time it displays an error message on black or blue screen. It can also be caused because of corrupted or damaged registry files.

Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

Windows Error Code 0XC000014C mainly occurs for two reasons one is  BCD is missing or corrupted, and the next one has damaged system files. And the error message will depend on the windows versions. Here you can find the simple solutions to fix the error code. Also, get reasons to occur and the Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8.

Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

Most of the people using windows operating in these days. And facing problems with one of the frequent error code 0XC000014C while starting the computer. Below are some of the different methods to resolve the windows error code.

Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

Causes of Error Code 0XC000014C

There are only two main reasons which can cause the error code. In case of Boot Configuration Data is corrupted or in case if the system files are compromised. So BCD is a crucial file liable mostly in windows 10. It can be occured because of Power outages, disk writes errors, etc.

Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

Steps to Fix Windows Error Code 0XC000014C 

Hey guys!!! Here you can find the simple and easy three best methods to resolve the error code issue. So by following the simple steps provided here, you can get 100% best results.

Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

Step 1: To Fix Error Repair Damaged System Files

One of the reasons to occur error code is damaged or corrupted system files. So follow the given steps to repair and check the damaged archives.

  • Hold and Press a combination of Windows Key plus X key.
  • The command prompt will be opened.
  • Then type “sfc/scannow,” and press enter.
  • And the built in the system automatically run and fix all the corrupted and damaged files.
  • If you did not find any damaged files, try for the second method.

Step 2: Corrupted BCD Files

This is one of the best methods which can resolve the error code 0XC000014C. Now you have to try to boot configuration data process as follows:

  • Start your computer.
  • Insert windows OS installation Media in the drive(DVD/USB).
  • Then again restart the system and press F12 to boot the system.
  • Select Repair your Computer
  • Next Select”Troubleshoot”->Advanced Options=> Command prompt.
  • Then type the below code and press enter after each line of code.
  • “bootrec/fixmbr”.
  • “bootrec/fixboot.”
  • “bootrec/scanos”.
  • “bootrec/rebuild.”
  • And press enter.
  • Allow the commands to run correctly and check whether the error is fixed or not by restarting the PC.

Step 3: Remove/Change Hard Disk 

If you people fix the error code with the above two methods, then it’s ok. If not resolved then go this way which is the last one. And if the damaged hard disk can also cause the error code 0XC000014C. Follow the simple steps.

  • Except mouse and keyboard remove all the other attached hardware devices.
  • And then restart the computer to check error is fixed or not.
  • After that still, the error occurs means you need to contact windows customer care support or else call a technician to fix the issue.

Conclusion: So this is all about Error Code 0XC000014C. Hope this article helps you in a brighter way. If you have any queries, please comment in below sections. Thank You!!!

Error Code 0XC000014C


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