0x803f8001 : Fix Xbox Error In Windows App Store

Error Code 0x803f8001:  We always want to upgrade our operating system to a higher version. Or we generally install some higher version of OS. It is indeed very beneficial for your computer as it becomes able to perform certain tasks that it was not able to do. But during these upgrades or installation certain errors, you might encounter with. Among such  Error Code 0x803f8001 is one.

Error Code 0x803f8001

Nowadays Error Code 0x803f8001 is very popular as well as creating many problems also.  But somehow it is relaxing after knowing that Error Code 0x803f8001 is not related to computer, rather it is Windows store. Along with this error, an error message comes that says something like “Something Went Wrong: Error Code 0x803f8001” or “Do you own this game or app? Error Code 0x803f8001”. So here we will discuss more on  Error Code 0x803f8001 and steps to fix it.

Fix Xbox Error Code 0x803f8001 in Windows App Store

Often this error is encountered along with an error message whenever you may try to play a game or want to download an app from Windows Store. It may also appear when you are trying to update an app from app store.

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Error Code 0x803f8001

Once this Error Code 0x803f8001 is encountered, it becomes difficult to play any game or download/install any app/game. So indeed it is an irritating experience whenever you encounter such error. So here we share some methods that will help you to fix Error Code 0x803f8001.

Steps To Fix Error Code 0x803f8001

Method – 1

##Basic Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting can also fix the Error Code 0x803f8001. Follow the basic troubleshooting steps.

  • If any installed antivirus software is present than launch it to check if the virus infection is present.
  • Now make sure Xbox Live service  up and running smoothly.
  • Check whether you have logged in to the game that you are trying to play.
  • The game that you try to play must not be present on disk.

Execute these basic steps and then try to play the game that you were trying before. And check whether Error Code 0x803f8001 is resolved or not.

Method – 2

##Run System File Checker

If any corrupt system files are present in your computer, then this method will work.

  • Press Window key and R together to open the Command prompt.
  • Then type sfc/scannow on the command prompt and then hit the Enter button.

Once you are done with these steps, it will automatically show you whether Error Code 0x803f8001 is fixed or not.

Method – 3

##Perform Hard Reset Of XBox One

  • First of all open Menu.
  • Scroll down and then select All Settings button.
  • then follow the path System > Console Info & Updates.
  • Then select Reset Console.
  • Now select Reset and remove everything. It depends on either you want to reset and keep or reset and remove everything.

Now restart your computer. Wait until Xbox is synchronized. Now you can play the game that you tried to play before Error Code 0x803f8001 arisen.

Error Code 0x803f8001

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