Code 0x80073712 : Windows Update error Solutions

Error Code 0x80073712: It encounters in PCs, Laptops, and notebooks on Windows 7,8, and 8.1. The error code usually comes like a message that indicates “ERROR_SXS_COMPONENT_STORE_CORRUPT” or ” when windows failed to install some updates with error 0x80073712″ and sometimes ” Windows update encountered an unknown error.” Here you can check Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712.

Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712

It is one of the several Windows update errors you can encounter when updating the computer and installing necessary updates. This Error differs from other Windows Update related errors. It is unlike other errors that point to either a corrupted or missing file that Windows update center requires performing smooth updates.

Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712

Method 1: Housekeeping

It is a very easiest method to recover the Windows Update error before going with difficult procedures. It pays the up-to-date anti-virus software Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712.

Some housekeeping system measures you can initiate includes running antivirus program to get rid of virus/malware and uninstalling any installed programs or applications among simple measures before attempting to install updates again.

Method  2: Windows Update Component Reset

This method is also easy to corrective measure you can initiate regardless of Windows.

Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712

  • Visit Microsoft official webpage and locate the Fixit tool for your specific Windows.
  • Click on Run now button to fix any update issue is going to your computer.
  • You will have to download your pending updates smoothly.

Method 3: Renaming Software Distribution Folder

  • Open CMD as admin like press Windows+X key and then click on Command prompt as admin.
  • Type net stop wuauserv and click on enter.
  • Again type ren c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old.
  • Type net start wuauserv.

Method 4: System Restoration

Your system has to do the system restore functionality that you people can use to overcome many errors by using this method. The following method can do restore your computer and it totally depends on your Windows OS. It is a very similar corrective measure that you can use Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712.

  • Click on start and type System Restore into the search programs and files search box.
  • Right-Click on system restore before selecting RUn as administrator.
  • Proceed to click on next to open a calendar with dates in bolds.
  • Click on most likely date when your computer was working without having any issues before clicking on Finish.
  • Restart your system and go to the next update steps.

 Method 5: Use USB Stick

  • Open the official Microsoft website to download ” Media Creation Tool”
  • Run the tool and select your preferred languages, your Windows edition, and architecture when prompted to do.
  • Click on create a flash drive option.
  • Let the tool run and download Windows 10.
  • After, change boot priority settings and select USB stick to boot first.
  • The installation process will start afresh.

Method 6: Re-Installation of Existing Windows OS

This method is used to fix Windows update recovery only after all the above process will complete. Otherwise, you can fail to recover. It involves the fresh installation of your Windows OS. The aim of getting rid of malware, any virus, damages files and many other problems. The main thing is to back-up your important files. After completion of re-installation process, you can find easy and trouble-free to install windows updates.

Windows Update Error Solutions: Error Code 0x80073712

It is important to ensure the computer can download and install windows updates. A lot of updates can usually security updates that serve to protect your system files. Doing so make it possible for you to perform an upgrade without any error code 0x80073712 coming up on the screen.


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