Error 0xc1900200: Couldn’t Install Windows 10 Fixed

Error 0xc1900200: If you try to upgrade to Windows 10 then you might encounter Error 0xc1900200. It is because your system is not compatible with the new OS. You may also face Error 0xc1900200 when you try to change operating system build version. While Windows firewall can also be a reason for Error 0xc1900200.

Error 0xc1900200

This error message clearly tells you that you cannot install windows 10 on your system. but don’t panic if you have face such error. Here we will share some useful methods that will help you to overcome such issue.

Error 0xc1900200: Couldn’t Install Windows 10 Fixed

Error 0xc1900200

So the main reason behind Error 0xc1900200 is either your system is not compatible with Windows 10 or maybe some firewall issues exist. So here we share five best methods that you may try whenever you try to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 and face Error 0xc1900200.

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Steps To Fix Error 0xc1900200: Couldn’t Install Windows 10

Method – 1

## Disable Antivirus  Software

  • First of all, you have to disable third-party antivirus system if you have in your system. Because it will stop Microsoft Installer program to run in your system.
  • After making it disable, try to upgrade your computer to Windows 10.
  • If antivirus was the problem behind Error 0xc1900200, then this time you will not an error.
  • Once you are done with the upgrade process, again enable your anti-virus.

Method – 2 

## Disable Firewall

Sometimes disabling the firewall in your system can also resolve the issue related to Error 0xc1900200.

  • Press Windows Key + R, pen the run window to access firewall.
  • Now type firewall.cpl and then hit the Enter button.
  • Now click on Turn windows firewall on or off. Here you have to select Turn off Windows Firewall in the private network setting.

Error 0xc1900200

  • Now repeat the same changes in the public network setting.
  • Then save the changes.
  • Once the update is done, again turn on Windows Firewall.

Method – 4

## Create some additional space

Sometime when your system does not have sufficient space, that also you may get Error 0xc1900200 when try to upgrade to Windows 10. So, in that case, you need to create some more space in order to resolve this issue.

  • Press Windows key + Q keys and open the search menu.
  • Now type Disk Cleanup, and then hit the enter button.
  • It will lead to open a new window. here you choose the local disk of the current OS. Then select to Clean.

It will take a few minutes to clean up the data files and data those are no longer in use. Thus some extra space it will create to upgrade your computer.

Method – 3

##Upgrade Hardware

If your computer does not meet the minimum specifications, then you will have to buy a new PC or purchase more RAM, storage and even a new GPU for your computer depending on its limitations.

In some cases, when your system fails to meet some minimum specifications, its time to replace that with a new computer. Or else you can replace its hardware parts like CPU, storage, RAM etc depending upon their functionality.

Method – 5

## System Configuration

Sometimes the reason behind Error 0xc1900200 is neither antivirus nor windows firewall. It may be sometime your system configuration that does not meet when you upgrade your system to Windows 10. Every system hardware possesses some specific requirement for good performance. If these specifications are low for any system, then it may cause an error while upgrading OS to a higher version.

So it is always recommended to check your system requirements before installing any higher version of operating system.

Here we presented five best methods that will help you regarding resolving Windows 10 installation error i.e Error 0xc1900200. We hope it will help you in a great way.

Error 0xc1900200

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