[Fixed] Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows

Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows: Updating Windows 7/8/10 is not an easy task as it seems. You may have faced many error pop up while trying to update your Windows PC.  The error comes with some odd code, but that won’t allow you to update your Windows copy. So 0x80080008 is one such Error Code that you may face while updating your Windows devices. And today we are going to discuss Error Code  0x80080008 and methods to fix it up.

Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows

So 0x80080008 is the error code that you may get while trying to update your Windows copy. So let’s start with the topic about how to fix Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows.

Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows

Nowadays updating the Windows 7/8/10 OS are not that easy like it was for their older version. You may face much error while its updating process. Among those errors, error code 0X80080008 is one common error. This error message looks like a simple error message, but eventually, it will not allow you to install your update. Once this error message appears, it will not allow you to proceed further until you fix it.

Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows

There are many methods those will fix the error code 0x80080008.  But here we share three of those methods that you can follow to fix Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows.

Methods To fix Error Code 0x80080008

Methods 1: Tweaking  Registry  Files To Fix Error 0X80080008

This method is not always recommended as it needs changes to registry entries. But for some users having this particular error, this method works. So here we share step by steps procedure that you need to do if following this method.

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Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows

  • Open the notepad on your system.
  •  Now copy and paste the below mentioned lines on your notepad
  •  After doing copy and paste, save that file as a “.bat” extension file.
  •  Now run the saved .bat file as administrator. Provide permissions if it asks for.
  •  Once it runs successfully, reboots your system.
  •  When your PC restarts, go to your Windows update and try to install it. This time the computer screen will not show you an error code 0x80080008.

Method 2: Windows Image Repairing  

Here we share another quick as well as the easy method to fix error code 0x80080008. Here we will require a command prompt with Administrator Privileges. And another command line tool that we will be using is Development Image Servicing and Management (DISM).

  • The very first step in this method is that you need to open the command prompt as Administrator.
  • Type “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” on the command prompt correctly without any mistake.
  • Now hit the button enter.
  • Wait till it finishes.
  • Now restart your computer.

This method also works for some users. If it does not work, then you may switch to another one.

Method 3: Restart BITS services to fix error code 0X80080008

BITS that stands for Background Intelligent Transfer Service plays an important role while updating systems. But sometime it may also happen that BITS may crash or stop working. So in some situation restarting may solve your problem by fixing error code 0X80080008.

Error Code 0x80080008 While Updating Windows

So below are step-by-step to restart BITS service.

  • Press ( Windows + R) or select Run option to run command.
  • Now type  “msc” in the run box and hit the button enter.
  • A list will come now. You have to search BITS service there.
  • Now check if it is running or not. If not then right click àselectàstart
  • Open properties by right click
  • Right-click and open properties.
  • Then select the recovery tab.
  • Then check for the first and second failure.
  • Then make settings to reboot the device.
  • Now Save the selection.


You can try any one of the above-mentioned methods to fix the 0x80080008 Error code. Once you execute these methods, you can try for downloading your Windows updates those were throwing error code 0x80080008. In maximum cases, it will no more throw that error and will allow a smooth update.

Error Code 0x80080008 On Windows 

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