Error 0x800706d9 While Updating Windows Fixed

Error 0x800706d9: Sometimes when you try to update and install any new updates on your Windows 10 PC, then you might get Error 0x800706d9. Updating system is a good practice. But sometimes it does not happen because of Error 0x800706d9. But this article will give you all solutions to resolve this problem.

Error 0x800706d9

This error message that you encounter while updating windows update is like Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for (32 or 64 bit) – based Systems (KB3116908) – Error 0x800706d9.

Error 0x800706d9 While Updating Windows Fixed

Most users encounter this issue while installing Windows essentials or while your system is installing any updates. Because of some issues with Windows Firewall Service, this error arises. Windows have their Firewall to protect the system. So while you are facing such Error 0x800706d9, you must be willing to know the exact reason behind it. So that you can fix it. Well, below are teh reason behind Error 0x800706d9.

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Error 0x800706d9

  • If you have installed any third-party Anti-virus installed on your system
  • Windows Firewall is turned off.
  • Due to infection virus or spyware.

Now its time to know how to fix this issue. We are giving you two best methods that will help you to fix Error 0x800706d9. Follow the detailed, easy steps.

Steps To Fix Error 0x800706d9

Method – 1

##Turn off Anti-Virus

When you are getting Error 0x800706d9 on your Windows, and your system has any third-party antivirus, then make it sure to turn it off and check whether Error 0x800706d9 is resolved or not. Because turning off the anti-virus sometimes helps.

 All  Anti-Virus don’t have same properties. And thus turning them off is also different. So in case you feel like getting rid of the installed Anti-Virus then go to control panel and install it immediately. Else turn it off for the time being.
Once you turn off the Antivirus or uninstall it, Go to Windows update. Then try to download and install some new updates. If you are no allowed to do so, then it means anti-virus was the reason behind Error 0x800706d9, and thus your error is resolved. If this method does not work then follow the second method.
##Turn on or Re-enable Windows Firewall
Antivirus generally turns off Windows firewall. So this method asks you to turn it on. And if it is on, then re-enable it. Here is the simple step-by-step that will tell you how to make it enable again.
  • Follow the path Control panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Now spot the option Services and then click on show result.

Error 0x800706d9

  • It will open up Services Window. A list of services will appear on the right-hand side. There you scroll down below and then find out Windows firewall.

Error 0x800706d9

  • Then right-click on windows firewall and then click on Properties. Here you will find a new window pop up.
  • Type Automatic and then click on OK.
  • If it is in automatic running mode, then just stop it and start it again.

Error 0x800706d9

Here we share two best methods to resolve Error code 0x800706d9. If both the methods do not work then make sure for a complete scan of your system for virus and spyware with SpyHunter. Once the error is resolved, you can download and install any Windows update as you wish.

Error 0x800706d9

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