How to Delete All Old Messages From iPhone to Save Storage Space

Delete All Old Messages From iPhone: Are you looking to know the process to Delete the old messages from your iPhone??? Then you can get all the steps from the below data. You will send and receive lot’s of messages to others. Then the message application takes lots of space on your iOS devices. It not only stores the history of the message, but it also saves all the attachments of photos which you have received. All the data takes up the iCloud space as the part of the backups. This message stores all the attachments which you have received through SMS or iMessage unless you delete them manually.

Delete All Old Messages From iPhone

While you are running the local or iCloud storage space on your iPhone, it may take the time to check that how much space the message application is taking. By default, you iOS devices (iPhone/ iPad) is set to save all the messages which you send and receive forever. This process may result in the iPhone out of storage messages, slow loading performance, slow performance when you scroll through threads. It also automatically saves all the audio and video messages, and it depends on how you configure it. And you can also delete them to free up space.

Delete All Old Messages From iPhone To Save the Space

If you want to prevent the messages from the taking up a larger, building up forever, and the larger amount of space.  And you can also set the messages to expire after a certain time. If you set the expire option, then the message application will delete the messages automatically. And you need to save every single message, and it also provides the quick way to potentially gigs of space in just a few taps. The iPhone often runs out of the storage space. And you will be able to delete all the messages from your iPhone.

Delete All Old Messages From iPhone

By following this guide, you can know the method that how to Delete All Old Messages From iPhone. After changing the settings, the message app will automatically delete the video and audio messages two minutes after you are watching or listing to them. Then your device is prevented from those video and audio files from taking up space. And you must sure to confirm the Expire options under the Video as well as Audio messages. This Message app provides the many different options for deleting the messages. You can also delete the messages in bulk amount. In the settings of Messages, you will find the both options, i.e., keep certain messages forever and delete them manually for deleting the old messages.

How Do you Quickly Delete all Messages from an iPhone?

Here are the steps to Delete All Old Messages From iPhone to Save Storage Space. Many iPhone users are suffering from this storage space because of this Message app stores all the messages, audio messages videos messages automatically. After deleting the messages, you can get more space on your device. By following these guidelines, you can easily remove all the old messages on your iPhone.

Step -1: First, you need to Open the settings app on your iPhone.

In Step -2: Find the Messages and then click on it.

Step -3: Under the message history option, you have to select the option where it asks you to Keep Messages. It provides you three different options named as 30 days, one year, and forever. You can select any option which you want to set.

In Step -4: Finally, you have to confirm that to delete the old attachments as well as messages by clicking on the delete option.

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