5 Common iOS 10 Problems and How to Fix Them

Common iOS 10 Problems: Hello everyone. Are you facing some of the common problems with the iOS 10? If it right then go through the entire article to know how to fix the Common iOS 10 Problems. These iOS 10 problems will continue in many iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. The legend company Apple goes on improving the features, security patches, bug fixes, etc. for the iOS 10 devices. And the operating system is stable for most of the users. But the problems are frustrating in iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 10.3.3. Therefore if you have a iOS 10 issue on your device then try to fix those problems from the below list given. The problems with the Apps, services and its performances are extremely common.

Common iOS 10 Problems

The latest version of the iOS is in beta, and for a while, it made accessible to the public, and therefore thousands of the people got an experience for iOS 10 for the official release. But there are some iOS 10 problems in Apple. And the beta version is available for the public which resulted in the more bugs, hardware, software issues discovered. The new challenges will emerge whenever the new updates are available. Therefore we will help you to fix the common iOS 10 problems.

How to Fix Common iOS 10 Problems

Here is the list of the common problems of iOS 10. Check out them and easily fix those issues.

Battery Drain

The excessive battery drain is the common problem for the people using the iOS 10. This is not a universal problem, and many people report that their batteries are performing well. But if you are using the iOS 10.3.2 then you should be ready to charge your mobile than before.

Common iOS 10 Problems

Here are the solutions for the problems. And check out them to know how to fix this excessive battery drain problem.

  • If you have not updated to 10.3.2, then hold on that until the issue has worked out.
  • Or else if you are using the 103.2 and you are facing the battery drain issue then restore to the 10.3.1 or 10.2 back-ups, so that you may restore your problem.
  • And you can also turn off the Raise to wake feature which helps some of the users. For doing this go to the Settings >>> Display and Brightness and turn off the Raise to Wake to disable a feature.

Mail App not working

The email accounts used in the Mail App may stop receiving the new emails, and it shows an error message after updating to the iOS 10. The error message is that it displays the password is incorrect, and the email appears with a blank page. Even if you re-enter the password, it does not fix the issues.

 Common iOS 10 Problems

In the below section we are providing the solutions to fix the above problem.

  • Users have to visit the Settings >>> Mail and in the Threading Section turn off Complete threads.
  • And remove all the unwanted emails and re-enter them again. For this go to Settings >> Mail >> Accounts and delete the emails. Tap on Delete Account at the bottom page. Therefore for entering the new emails, we can set up the new accounts and simply tap on the Add Account.
  • If you have the multiple accounts, then consider the mail toggle off for each one and see whether it improves the performance.   

Siri does not work after iOS 10

After the updating to iOS 10 people are using the Apple mobiles then ‘Hey Siri’ the voice command does not work. The Siri can be used by holding down the home button.

Common iOS 10 Problems

Have a glance look at below solutions to fix the Siri problem.

  • Go to the Settings >>> Siri and make sure that ‘Hey Siri’ feature is Turned ON.
  • And now turn off the ‘Hey Siri’ option and restart your iOS device. And once again turn on and set up ‘Hey Siri.’
  •  You can also turn on by setting up the Siri once again. Reset teh Settings by going to Settings —> General —> Reset —> Reset all Settings.
  • Or if you have turned on Bluetooth then turn it off by trying Siri once again.

In this way, we can fix the Common iOS 10 Problems.

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