Code 80072f8f: Windows Update Unknown Error Fixed

Code 80072f8f: Out of many other Windows errors, Code 80072f8f is one. It generally occurs when users do any mistake in settings of date and time. Or it may occur due to incorrect time zone. If you are checking for updates and receive this Error Code 80072f8f, then system’s date and time must not match with date and time of Windows online services.

Code 80072f8f

Error Code 80072f8f can appear on any Windows operating system. On Windows phones also this error comes. Once error Code 80072f8f occurs in your system, you will no longer be able to check for automatic updates automatically.

Fix Windows Update Unknown Error Code 80072f8f

Error Code 80072f8f mainly occurs due to incorrect time settings.  If your system date and time is not synchronized with online Window update service, then while performing any Windows update, you may face this error issue.

Code 80072f8f

So in order to resolve this error, it is highly recommended that either you make your system date and time settings correct or else synchronize system’s clock with Internet time server. Apart from this, we share few methods that will fix error Code 80072f8f. Check below.

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Steps  To fix Code 80072f8f

Code 80072f8f

Method – 1

##Basic Troubleshooting

  • In the very first step, Use the third party security program that is installed in your system and makes a complete scan of your system.
  • Then disable firewall as well as third-party security software.
  • Now open the Windows update site to check whether error  Code 80072f8f is fixed or not.

If this method works well to fix this issue, then make sure to enable Firewall and third-party security software present in your system.

Method – 2

##Junk Files Removal

There may be many junk files present in your system but all of them are not safe. Some of them may be the real cause of many errors including error Code 80072f8f. So remove these junk files to fix this error code. In order to proceed with this method, follow the below steps.

  • Press the keys Win + X keys combinedly and open up menu.
  • From there choose option Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Now click Yes and then run the command prompt as an administrator.
  • then type cleanmgr and then hit enter.
  • Now tool runs automatically. You have to check all dialogue boxes those are occupied by unnecessary files as well as temporary files.
  • Then click on OK . Now the tool will remove all junk files.
  • You can now open Windows updates sites to check whether the error is resolved or not.

Method – 3

##Check Time Settings

If the time settings in your system is not correct, then it may lead to error Code 80072f8f. So in order to solve this issue, your computer’s clock must synchronize with an Internet time server.

  • Press the keys Win + R keys that open a dialogue box.
  • Once the dialogue box opens, type Control Panel and then hit the enter button.
  • Now open Date and Time.
  • If changes are required, then do it by selecting option Change date and time.
  • Then click on Internet Time before selecting change settings.
  • Find out Synchronize with an Internet time server and then choose the Time server from the list that appears.
  • Finally tab on Update Now.
  • Hit the OK button twice in order to update the changes.
  • Then close all open windows.

Here we share three best methods to resolve error Code 80072f8f. If any of the methods do not work, then the problem may be severe. It may lead you to perform a system restore or reinstallation of the operating system.

Code 80072f8f

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