How to Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad

Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS: Are you looking to remove Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS devices??? Then you can check the step by step guide from the below data. The Safari cache on all the iOS devices seems useful at the first sense which stores the website’s data on the memory making which is easy to the users for coming back to the web page. And the Safari Storage kills the storage of your device, and it causes a lot of problems like hang ups, sluggishness, crashes. It is very important to clear the caches in the Safari to kill all the issues.

Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS

The Safari browser works well but causes a lot of problems with the cache. Keep reading this session to get the steps for clearing the cache. Just like other browsers, the Safari also saves the history of your searches. It stores all the cookies, website data, logins, etc. It saves the data in order ro help you to access the data easily. There are two reasons available for the users to clean the safari history from time to time. One reason is to prevent others from checking out what you search and another one is to stop the web browser from chaotic.

Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS

Whatever could be the reason, it is better to clear all the unnecessary data from your browser. The webs browser of your Safari stores all the log of web pages which you visit and other browsing components such as cookies and cache. It is a very useful look back through the history to revisit the web site. The cookies, as well as cache, prove useful and enhance the browsing experience by speeding up all the customizations and page load. And it works based on your preferences.

Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS

With these inconveniences, everyone is looking to delete the browsing history and the accompanying website data for many privacy reasons. By following this guidance, you can easily clear all your Safari cache and also the website’s data. Some users are reporting that users try to erase the history in the Safari browser, but it is not deleting all the websites. After deleting the History also it is coming back. Here, you can find the best steps to Clear Safari History and Website Data in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad.

Steps to Clear Safari History & Website Data at once in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Here are the steps for clearing all the website data in the iOS 10 on both iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps and then clear all your website data.

Step -1: First of all, you have to launch the settings application on your iOS devices.

Step -2: Next, you have to scroll down and then click on the Safari browser.

Step -3: Click on the settings option, there you will find the Clear History and Website Data. Now, you have to click on that Clear History and Website Data option.

Step -4: That’s it. All the website data will be deleted.

How to Clear Website Data in Safari on iPhone/iPad

Removing the data is very important in any device. After clearing the web site data, that browser will work fastly. Go through the steps and then remove the website data in the Safari.

Step -1: Firstly, you need to Open the Safari Browser and then hit the settings.

Step -2: Next, you have to search for the Advanced option and then click on it.

Step -3: Now, you have to click on the website data.

Step -4: Finally, you have to click on Remove all the website data which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Click Here to Clear the Safari History and Website Data in iOS

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