10 iPhone Photography Tips To Quickly Improve Your Photos

iPhone Photography Tips:  Do you have an iPhone and want to take the best pictures out of it? Then there are some iPhone Photography Tips that will help you to take your iPhone photography to a next level. Photographs taken with iPhones are amazing. But a few more tips and practice will make you perfect in iPhoneography. […]

What You Should Do If Your Mobile Phone Gets Wet

 If Your Mobile Phone Gets Wet: Did you drop your mobile phone in the toilet? Or did it fall down in to pool while jumping into it? Well,  these may be the cases or any other case when your phone may have come in contact with water. But don’t panic at all if any such situations […]

Mastering Photography Skills With DSLR Cameras

Mastering Photography Skills With DSLR Camera: Now photography with DSLR camera is a common hobby among people. Some even start using  DSLR for photography without even knowing the features that it has. But once you know all the features of a digital camera having DSLR technology will make you master in photography. So if you […]

3 Best Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Your Laptop

Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Your Laptop: Hello Guys… You may think why can’t we save the battery life of a laptop by any technique as we do on our smartphones. Yeah, we can do, there are many Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Your Laptop. But we provide you the Best 3 Tips To […]

How to Fix “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Error Build 7601”

Getting an error “This copy of windows is not genuine” on Windows 7 is very annoying. This error comes if your running windows version is not a genuine one or the license is expired. Your windows update can also rise this error problem. So all these above three cases are mainly responsible for raising the error Windows is […]

Top 5 Android Apps to Get rid of ads

Android Apps to Get rid of ads:- If you are Android user then I am quite sure that you have faced this annoying ads on Your phone or tablets. While surfing on the web you got many popup ads saying your device has number of viruses and download our app and bla bla… or Downloaded […]

10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips That You must know!

We all use WhatsApp in our daily life and I can say it has became a part of our daily life cycle but may be we don’t know some of its secret tips and tricks that can improve the productivity of WhatsApp messenger. We can say that because WhatsApp is the one of the most […]