Instantly Shut Down (Or Reboot) Your Apple Mac

Shut Down (Or Reboot) Apple Mac Instantly: There are many Apple Mac users who do not like to use mouse or trackpad to perform any activities. They always have a wish to shut down or reboot the Mac OS device instantly within no time. It may also happen that sometimes your mac is not responding […]

How You Can Write In Instagram Pictures [Learn]

How To Write In Instagram Pictures: Instagram is now a widely used desktop, mobile and internet based photo sharing an app that lets you share any picture or videos. You can share images, videos, etc. privately or publicly with your followers. Instagram allows you to edit an average looking image into a beautiful one that […]

Simplest Way To Test If A Battery Is Dead Or Not

Test If A Battery Is Dead Or Not: We all use the battery in our daily household things. Sometimes we also find it in random places in a house like under the sofa, in a junk drawer, under a couch cushion or on some worktop. So how will you know which one among that battery is […]

How To Use Latest MultiWindow Feature On Your Android

How To Use Latest MultiWindow Feature On Your Android Are you tired of switching the windows on your Android Device? On your Smart Phone, you might have installed many exciting apps. At times you might want to play them, say chatting with a friend and check the Google Maps. But, till now you might have […]

Google Maps India Gets Two-Wheeler Mode Update

Google Maps India Gets Two-Wheeler Mode Update Google Maps is one of the default location tracking apps on every Android Phone. Google’s Maps has become so famous that every Android user has used the app for at least once. Let the usage be to track the route to reach the destination or to find the […]

How to Email & Print Out Your WhatsApp Chat Conversation

Email and Print Out Your WhatsApp Chat Conversation: It is true that you can easily chat with a person or a group of persons over WhatsApp. Nowadays Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app that we are using for chatting, making audio or video calls. But is it possible to take a print out of […]

How to Send More Than 16 MB Video & Audio Files on WhatsApp

Send more than 16 MB Video/Audio files on WhatsApp: Whatsapp is now one of the most favorite apps among everyone. From instant messaging to sending files ( audio, video, document), images, gif all are possible with Whatsapp. But WhatsApp also has certain memory limit for sending files. As we all have smartphones, downloading HD quality video […]