Error Status 0xc000012f: Windows Bad Image Fixed

Error Code- 0xc000012f: This error will normally get in Windows 8. The error code also occurs in Windows 10. The error is characterized by multiple windows appears that are related to the system 32\uxtheme.dll. For instance officeclicktorun.exe – Bad Image C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll. This issue will occur for the most program in your system and it will not resolve […]

0x803f8001 : Fix Xbox Error In Windows App Store

Error Code 0x803f8001:  We always want to upgrade our operating system to a higher version. Or we generally install some higher version of OS. It is indeed very beneficial for your computer as it becomes able to perform certain tasks that it was not able to do. But during these upgrades or installation certain errors, you […]

Status Code 0xc000000f And How to Fix it

Status Code 0xc000000f: This is also one of the blue screens of death errors that you may encounter. Though it is not encountered very frequently on your system, this is harmful to your computer. Status Code 0xc000000f is related to computer’s Windows boot manager. That means very often it is noticed that this error comes when […]

Code 8024402f: While Installing Windows Update Fixed

Error Code 8024402f: If you are using a computer that runs on any Windows operating system, then many windows error you may encounter. Some of the errors are very specific whereas some are general. Some specific windows error will let you know where the problem lies. Out of such many Windows problem, Error Code 8024402f […]

Error code 0xc0000225: Windows Recovery Screen Solution

Error code 0xc0000225:  All Windows OS has its own booting path which is quite clear and simple. But if any interference happens than it may affect its operating system and lead to failure to boot the system. Such kind of error is represented in front of you in the form of Error code 0xc0000225 with a message […]

Error Code 0x80070032 : 4 Methods To Fix It On Windows

Error Code 0x80070032: Error Code 0x80070032 mainly arises when you are trying to activate the Automatic File Backups settings. If you are trying to set an external hard disk as back up location then also Error Code 0x80070032 arises. It is also noticed that sometimes when users try to upgrade their OS to Windows 10, Error Code […]

Error Code 0x8007007b: Windows Activation Error Fixed

Error Code 0x8007007b: Error Code 0x8007007b is encountered especially whenever you are trying to update your windows. This Error Code 0x8007007b comes with an error message “The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.” It directs the user to go to control panel for activating windows. If you are using a volume-licensed media for installing […]