8 Unusual Ways To Use Your Smartphone’s Camera

8 Unusual Ways To Use Your Camera Phone

As the time keeps going, Smartphones keep becoming much smarter. Especially, when you observe the Camera Phones, their developers have enhanced them more fabulously. Not even the naïve photographers but also the professional photographers are using them instead of actual cameras. Indian filmmakers, Anurag Kashyap and Shlok Sharma, have used iPhone 6S to shot an entire movie titled ‘Zoo.’ The most significant advantage of Camera Phone is that whichever you shot with it, becomes ready to process as per the end-user needs. Moreover, there are numerous apps to edit the pictures, videos which you have shot by the Camera Phone.

Camera Phone

How To Use Your Smartphone or Camera Phone

You can start using your Camera Phone for not only to capture just the interesting ones. You can also convert a non-sense into an interesting one by using an appropriate app. When Smartphone manufacturers have understood, how intensively the camera is used, they are publicizing the camera features than the fundamental phone features. Present days the trend is Short Movies. You might have observed; people are using the camera phones to shoot them. You can use these Camera Phones not only shot the movies or pictures but there many other useful things you can do. In the following sections, we present most valuable things for which you can use your Camera Phone.

#1 Consult A Virtual Decorator

A few years ago, developers from IKEA had developed a fantastic idea based on ‘Augmented Reality.’ You can capture a picture of one of the corners of your room or your office. Then you can impose a beautiful furniture to that captured picture. App adjusts the Screen’s POV in such a way that the 3D image looks as if the furniture exists. In Reality, there is no furniture in the room. So, the power of Augmented Reality has made it possible for you to create some serious fun around.

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IKEA has developed the same feature for iOS users titled ‘Amikasa,’ which does the same for them. Not only it adds the virtual pictures, but it also facilitates the iOS users to design the interior spaces as per their creativity. It also makes you change the wallpaper as well.

#2 Scan Documents

Gone is the time, when people were using the dedicated scanners or scanners integrated with printers. When you use them, you have created a complete setup for those gadgets, such as physical space, drivers on your PC or Laptop, etc. By the time you start scanning the documents, you will feel cumbersome. As a matter of fact, you have to perform various activities to complete one single document. Keep the paper on the scanning glass, start scanning, wait for it to scan, and accept it into the PC or laptop.

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But with the evolution of High-end cameras integrated into Phones, scanning the documents has become so easy. Just keep the sheet you want to scan, click a picture. If you want it to be in the PDF format, you can use One of the Adobe apps. This app is available for both the Android as well as iPhone users. Furthermore, the app has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. This feature facilitates the user to search for the text, select the text from the scanned document.

#3 Shop With 3D Experience

Shopping is another beautiful feature of the Augmented Reality. In the present market, vendors or manufacturers are using this feature as part of their shopping app. It makes the user to the shopping experience almost a real one. When you find an advertisement for a product such as an outfit, beverages, furniture, etc., you just flip your camera on it. Instantly, the app keeps displaying the item in three-dimension.

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ROAR is one such app. You take photos of beverages or meals by which you can find their ingredients. When you visit a store, just scan the item, the app displays the entire details of the product including other retailers. Your shopping becomes so easy, that when you are so busy with your work, just spare 10 to 15 minutes of time to complete the cart and get them for you.

#4 Language Translator

Imagine, when you are visiting a foreign place. You don’t know how to read and understand the script written in foreign language. Lens app was the one who grabbed such users attention when it was released on the market. This app uses the same font and its style to generate the script in end-user’s language. Later Google has entered into this kind of translation to for its users, making their life more comfortable.

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Later many companies have worked on to translate the script written in any style to generate the text in any style. It means if the original text is in ‘Times New Roman’ you can select to display the resulting text in ‘Arial.’  As on the date, Google Translator is leading the area of translation, also via camera reading.

# 5 AR Games

Virtual Reality took a for a much exciting and giant leap. While the earlier gives you the experience of look and feel, later makes you feel the exact environment at you. The same way game developers have also developed them with Augmented Reality concept. With AR involved in the Games, you can feel the characters in the game are around you. Though this is just a beginning of AR era, people started enjoying them even by purchasing the AR kit.

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When you play the game, with the AR set, you will get the feel that you are part of the game characters. You will feel all the backdrops, Zombies, Swords, Bombshells, etc. If you are playing the Bowmaster, then it can even insert the targets around your surroundings. AR has also entered into Education apps. If you have to complete a project on ‘Glass Lands,’ then choose an appropriate lesson in the app, then you will get the feeling of Grass Lands. Later you will be able to develop the most appropriate content. Filmmakers have also started to develop AR app to promote their film.

#6 Security Camera

Did you buy a new Smartphone? Now the question in your mind would be, ‘what shall I do with the older smartphone?’. If your older camera phone is not much damaged, you can sell it online. But if you do not want to dispose of it, then here is a suggestion for you. Set it as a security camera. Yes, you can use it as a motion enabled security camera. An app, Manything, facilitates your camera phone to monitor your house. Moreover, it works as a watchful eye for you.

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App has the feature to detect the zones with Programmable motion. Furthermore, App has cloud-based DVR, live streaming features. To set up this in surveillance mode, you just need to install Controller and Remote Viewer along with the app.

#7 Sky Map

During the leisure time, few people used to spend their time by observing the sky, especially in the night. If you are one among them, then you can use your Camera Phone to watch the Sky both day and night. Sky Map is one of the famous and oldest AR apps available online and in the Store as well.

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The app displays the Sky objects in the way you wish to see, such as only starts, or only planets, etc. You can see the constellation as well. Google initially developed sky Map. Though we are not promoting the app explicitly, surely you will enjoy this Sky Map app.

#8 Magnifying Glass

Camera Phone

You have planned a dinner with your fiancée, and you forgot your eyeglasses to carry with you. Now, the point is how do you deal the situation. Very simple. If you are carrying your camera phone with you, just open the camera app. locate the viewfinder and zoom in to look into the menu. Seems funny, but a crazy way to use the camera phone.

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