5 Best Apps for Recording Calls on Android Phone

5 Best Apps for Recording Calls on Android Phone

Many times we might have felt to record the calls on our mobile phone. The reasons are quite genuine. Call Recording Apps help you in may situations. A phone call might come from our client to discuss very significant content. During the call, we might be in a situation with no handy notebook to note the critical points. Another case might be, that our kids at the tender age might start to speaking words. You were ought to go for an outstation on an important work and regularly call home to listen to your kid’s early words. And you liked them so much that you want to listen to them again and again. But you are missing the call recorder.

Call Recording Apps

Another weird situation might be that recording few conversations over phone calls might give us a high point to prove few legal issues. But we might want the phone to record the calls automatically. Not every time we carry pen and paper. In some situations, our ideation partners over phone calls might give us essential solutions. If we miss such conversations to be noted down, it might prove very costly. So, call recording happens to be very helpful for us. Instead of losing conversations, deleting unwanted recorded calls is much better than to miss the essential and lifetime conversations. So, this article lists Top 5 Call Recording Apps for your Android Phone.

Best Call Recording Apps For Android Phone

#1 Advanced Call Recorder

One of the best Call Recording Apps, Advanced Call Recorder, is available on Google Play Store. This automatic call recording app is for free of cost. Systweak has developed this app for those devices which do not possess automatic call recording apps. This app works the way we expect what the call recording apps shall perform. Once you install it, you can leave the recording worries to this app. Whenever you receive a call over your Android phone, it automatically starts recording. Once you disconnect the call or is disconnected from the other end, the app stops recording the call. Every time it records the app works along with the file system of the device to save time and date of the call.

Call Recording Apps

Before we move further, let us see the exciting features of this app:

  • The app allows the device the start the call recording immediately the call is attended. Once you stop the call app automatically stops.
  • If you have any blocked contacts or spam numbers on your list, the app automatically block the calls.
  • As it works along with the Android file system, it allows you to set the password or lock pattern to save the recorded call files.
  • The app will not stop you to share the recorded call files. So, you can share them as per your wish.

#2 Automatic Call Recorder Pro

In the list of Best Call Recording Apps, we now discuss Automatic Call Recorder Pro app. The advantage of this app is that it is available as both the free version and paid version. SMSROBOT has developed this application. One of the unique features of ACR Pro app is that you can set the filter to record calls from specific contacts. So, recording the calls from the other contacts will be avoided on your Android device. However, you have the option to set to record all the calls, including the calls from Unknown numbers.

Call Recording Apps

In the premium version, you will get another exciting option. At times, you might not have set to record the call from all numbers. Then while you receive the call, you can just shake your phone, the app will automatically start to record the call. The paid version will also let you synchronize the saved call recorded files with the Dropbox manually.

Let us see the exciting features of the Automatic Call Recorder Pro app:

  • The audio quality of the recorded calls is saved in mp3 format with crystal clear quality.
  • After you install, you can set the recording filters. Choose among the options to set, Record all calls or Record only the call from your contacts or record only the call from unknown numbers.
  • If you have trust on any contact or you feel not necessary to record, you can even avoid recording the calls from specific contacts.
  • With the premium version, you will get the option, shake your device to record the call.
  • You will get the facility to synchronize the calls with your Dropbox account automatically. But it is available when you install or upgrade to the Premium version.

#3 All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder is one such app with a Clutter-free and Simple interface. This kind of feature is anticipated by mobile users in call recording apps. This app is available in Play Store for free of cost. The best feature of this app is that it saves the call recording in .3gp format. When you compare the size of the .mp3 and .3gp files, obviously .3gp occupies lesser space. This app makes us not to worry about the storage occupied by the recorded files. It offers the interface to share the recorded files via Bluetooth, or e-mail or messengers, or any cloud storage. Isn’t it interesting!

Call Recording Apps

Let’s quickly visit the features of the All Call Recorder, a call recording app:

  • Without any hassle, the app records every incoming and outgoing call.
  • While the call is being recorded the app saves the file in .3gp format.
  • An interface is available for you, to share the recorded files over messengers, e-mail apps, or even over the Bluetooth connection.

#4 Call Recorder ACR

Next, in the list of Call Recording Apps, we have Call Recorder ACR. This app was developed by NLL> You can download this app for free of cost. However, the same app is available as a Premium version if you pay the fees. The interesting and unique feature is that app offers you the options to record the calls. It gives you choice to record in .3gp or .wav or .ogg on in .mp4 format. Every format has its advantage. File in .3gp format saves the space, whereas file in .mp4 format offers you movie quality. Likewise, other file formats have their own advantages. You can set the recorded files to get synchronized with either DropBox or Google Drive. It does not miss the feature which other major call recording apps do provide. And that feature is to lock the recordings with your password.

Call Recording Apps

Before we move to another exciting app, let’s list the key features of this app:

  • Call Recorder ACR app is available both in free and Paid versions in the Google Play Store.
  • The user of this app has the options to record the call in any of the formats such as, .wav, .3gp, .ogg and .mp4. You can opt one of them as per your mobile device compatibility.
  • Sync the files to the Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Exclude or filter the number, the call from which you prefer not to record the call.
  • Offers you with the password protection for your recordings to be protected.

#5 Smart Auto Call Recorder

Lastly, however not the least, we have Smart Auto Call Recorder app on our list of Call Recording Apps. The app was developed by TravelDiary. Like the apps with a good score, this also performs on par with them. By default, all conversations will be recorded for you. To maintain the audio quality at the theatre level, it saves the calls in .mp4 format. The unique feature of this app is that it offers you a facility to auto delete the recordings. Don’t worry. The app will not delete the files without your permission. What you need to do is, set the time, or period after which the recorded conversations to be deleted automatically.

Call Recording Apps

Before we conclude our recommendations, we quickly list out the features of this app:

  • All your calls are recorded in .mp4 format.
  • No call is excluded from recording, so stay cool.
  • App has auto-delete feature, so you can set the time after which the file can be deleted.
  • Sharing the recorded files is also available. You can do so, via Email, Messaging apps, or even via Bluetooth.

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