5 Best Camera apps for iPhone 2017 (NEW)

Best Camera apps for iPhone: Nowadays many people are looking for the best camera apps for their devices. Millions of people love to take the selfies in the latest trend. And millions of camera applications are available for all the devices. But some of the apps do not give basic features also. Some of the camera apps provide the best editing features to the users. Here I am giving the 5 Best Camera apps for iPhone. By reading all the given top camera application, you can select the best app for iPhone. The iPhone has gained more popularity from the camera users who took the most pictures, and it is simple and easy to stock the camera apps.

Best Camera apps for iPhone

The latest iPhone camera apps have many excellent features. And sometimes, you need the most powerful camera to take the photos. But some them are very difficult to use. I have collected the Best Camera Apps for iPhone. Nowadays everyone is using the best camera in their pockets only. Most of the people carry the smartphones with their everywhere they go and the best camera we have that is an iPhone. The camera of the newly launched iPhone7 and iPhone 7Plus and all the models of iPhones have a powerful camera. Most of the iPhone users are looking for the best camera applications because the nowadays everyone is taking the selfies and it became popular now. Real the given Camera Apps for iPhone and then select the best app to download.


Best Camera apps for iPhone

I think you might have already known about this VSCO applications. This application is very famous in iPhone. VSCO Provides many interesting features and many editing filters to the users. This application is completely free to use, and it is a very powerful built in camera with many controls. While taking the pictures in this VSCO app, it provides many features such as exposure, focus, shutter speed, white balance and even ISO. To open the camera in this app, you just need to open the app and then swipe down your finger. Then you will find the various options to take the photos.

2. Manual

Best Camera apps for iPhone

Manual is the perfect camera app for your iPhone photography. By using the Manual app, you can adjust the shutter speed, exposure values, and ISO to create the awesome images. This Manual app also provides the same features which are available with the VSCO app. After launching the settings are in the automatic mode, and it is the user interface. In this Manual camera app, you can capture the pictures in many different formats such as Jpeg, RAW format, and much more.

3. Camera +

Camera + is the best application, and it is used for both capturing the pictures as well as Photo editing. And the Camera + is a paid application. This is an advanced application which is available on the iPhone. Many of people love this application because it offers excellent features to the users and it provides many different tools and filters for editing the images. In this app, you can set up to 30 seconds to take the pictures. This Camera + is more powerful than other camera applications. And this Camera + app allows you to take the picture in the RAW format also.

4. Pro Camera 10

Best Camera apps for iPhone


Pro Camera app provides you many different versions, and it is paid application. The Pro Camera 10 provides the best controlling features to the users. The latest version of the Pro Camera offers the shutter speed, white balance, and IOS. And it also provides many advanced features like RAW capturing. All the iPhone users can easily use this app for capturing the images.

5. Cortex Cam

Best Camera apps for iPhone

This Cortex Camera is the one of the best and the top most camera applications available for all iOS devices. This Cortex Cam app allows you capture the images the low light situations also. Shutter button option also accessible in this Cortex Cam and this app lets you take the dozens of photos at a time. It offers many advanced features to the users. Ths resulting of this app is very sharp even it has a too shot hand held.

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