Top 10 Best Animes on Netflix You Must Watch

Best Animes on Netflix: Hello readers are you eagerly waiting to know about the Best Animes on Netflix? Then check out this entire article to have a complete idea on Netflix Animes. The Netflix offers a wide range of anime series for streaming, and some of them are good, and the others are not so great and effective. In such case, if you can not decide which one is the best anime on the Netflix then we will help out. Check the below list of the top 10 Best Animes that you must know. And if you are a fan of anime then you might be knowing that there are a lot of series available. These animes increases the curiosity in watching the next episodes.

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Death Note

The Death Note is one of the best thriller animes on the Netflix. It is the popular anime series for all the time, and it is a psychological thriller. The story of the Death Note is that a student finds a death note. It is the sense that if whatever name is written on the paper then that person will be killed. Here the teenager gets a skill to kill at his will. In this anime, the teen and the detective ‘L’ makes the series more interesting. And the last quarter of the series is of off-track. Kindly note that the anime is not available for every country on Netflix.

Best Animes on Netflix

Psycho Pass

In the initial days, Psycho Pass celebrates as the successor of the famous Ghost in the Shell. It is the Psychopathic drama which seems to be same as the Death Note.

Best Animes on Netflix

During the initial days, Psycho-Pass is celebrated as the successor of Ghost in The Shell. But it is the intense psychopathic drama made the same people say it resembles more of Death Note. The Storyline is of the is best among the animes on the Netflix which is quite interesting. And the story took place in Japan which is not in the real Japan today. And the main line of the story is that Akane Tsunemori is a police officer who herself goes into the trouble by questioning the monopoly which kills the people for the slightly unbalanced mind.

Your Lie in April

This Your Lie in April is one of the best romantic animes on the Netflix. The main relationship between the violinist and the musician who do not soulfully like the music. And the series turn out to be great. The violinist has love towards the art, and on the other side, the girl is a talented musician. With the influence of the violinist, the lady finds pleasure in every note of the piano. It is said to be the best romantic Netflix

Best Animes on Netflix

Attack on Titan

The story is about the humans who are living in terror because they have been killed. And the main reason for the death of the people is Titans. They came to the earth only to drink the human blood just like Vampires. Therefore the second season of the series is going to release in this year. Watch out the first season which is very interesting.


Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

THe Full Metal Alchemist started in 2003 and continued for six years as it is well received by the audience. It is the story of two brothers Edward and Alphonse or Elric Bros. Edward is gifted with Alchemy technique which is a method of transforming the objects from one form to the another. It is the Best Animes on Netflix.

Best Animes on Netflix

Ouran High School’s Host Club

It is the best shoujo on Netflix. This host club is a group of guys who entertain the girls. And the main character in this anime is Haruhi who transforms the host club at school.

Best Animes on Netflix

Black Lagoon

It is the best anime on the Netflix which deals with the criminal incidents. The main character in the story is Rokuro. His company sends him to deliver the primary disk with sensitive data. But the boat which he is traveling was attacked by the pirates, and along with the disk, they took him. This story is a combination of violence, bloodshed, and as well as the sexual exploitation.

Best Animes on Netflix

Ghost in the Shell

Yes, Ghost in the Shell is the best anime movie on the Netflix. The main story line of this anime is that the world is connected by the network. And here we can also possess the superhuman skills.

Gurren Lagann

This anime is all about the robots, and it is the best mecha among the others. The emotional feeling in this anime never appears in any other mecha. Therefore it is the best anime on Netflix.

Best Animes on Netflix

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