5 Best Video Players for Android – Download It Free

Best 5 Android Video Player: Android video players offers the best-highlighted qualities as compared to other OS. Most of such Android players are only plug and then play and does not need any additional codec. Moreover, these apps support all video formats which is unusably good. Ther are only a very few video formats that these Android apps are failed to support. But in such cases, you can download additional free video codecs so that it can support that video formats. Android users will get few such Android apps in the Google Play Store that are worth to download for listening t MP3 music. These apps do not use your data also.

Best 5 Android Video Player

There is also some Android Movie Player app those have the auto-detection power for the respective subtitle and play along with the video. These Android movie apps are capable enough to read and display the movie with subtitle. While detecting the subtitle files, the type of file i.e separated or integrated is not an issue for the movie app.

Best 5 Android Video Player for All Video Formats

Video streaming is now a very common among people. Maximum people are now using Netflix, Hulu, VRV, and even YouTube subscriptions to watch their favorite videos on their Android phones. Now watching videos are not at all a big task. Now its possible to play all videos codecs with the Video player without a single issue. Here we are sharing some best Video Player App For Android Phones.

  1. VLC

It is one of the most popular video apps that has made its name as one of the must-have video player app.  You can stream videos from URL to this video player app.  It also supports some obscure video formats, like DVD ISOs. VLS video player does not need any additional plugin download as it has all its built-in codecs. Besides this, the other features include subtitle support, full media support (including audio), multi-track audio etc. If you want to try its latest version then it is also available in its bet aversion.

Best 5 Android Video Player

2. MX Player

This is also one of the best video player to enjoy videos on your Android device. Its new H/W decoder gives an option to accelerate hardware that is applicable to multiple videos.  Multicore decode system is supported by MX Player. This is usually meant for high-quality performance with subtitles.

Best 5 Android Video Player

3. HD Video Player

It is a simple Android app to play Video. This Android video player app is a powerful video decoder. This app is capable enough to play any video directly from the video camera. You can watch your favorite movies, TV Shows along with other videos that you have stored on your phone with HD Video player.

Best 5 Android Video Player

4. Mobo Player

This is also another Android player that allows you to watch almost all videos on your Android phone without any failure. This app supports all kind of video formats. So you need not to convert the video format for watching the favorite movies on your Android smartphone.  It also supports subtitle, continuous playback, playlist etc. One more important feature of this app is that you can use HTTP and RTSP protocols to search any videos. To increase its functionality you can add some additional plugins.

Best 5 Android Video Player

5. BSPlayer Free

This video player is meant for Android smartphones and tablets. Some hardware are used here to fasten its performance. Hardware accelerated video playback, Multi-core HW decoding support, background playback in a popup window are some included features of this video player. It supports kid ock that will help you to lock the screen to avoid any accidental changes while watching any video. BSPlayer supports external and embedded subtitle formats that include  ASS, SRT, and SSA.

Best 5 Android Video Player

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