How to Disable the Badge Notifications on iOS Mail App

Badge Notifications on iOS: Are you not interested in showing the Badge Notifications on iOS??? Then we will help you out in this problem. If you are not interested in the visual alert indicators, then you can disable the badge notifications ans stop them from appearing on the App icons. In this article deals with how to disable the badge notifications for iOS devices. We can turn off them, and once you turn off, there will be no longer visible on the icons at all. This availability is applicable for all the iOS devices also. We all know that Apple uses the badge notifications in its App for showing the number of unread messages. For some users, it will be annoying if they are having a lot of unread messages.

Badge Notifications on iOS

And for the reference, the iOS refers to them as ‘Badge App icons, ‘ and we can turn off them as per our convenience. Some users can not even bear even a single red notifications on their devices in the to the right corner of the App. Therefore for such kind of people, there is the best article to know how to turn off the badge notifications on iOS. Check out this entire article for doing this article.

Badge Notifications on iOS – Turn iPhone Mail Notifications

The Apple iOS Mail Apps uses the badge notifications for displaying the number of unread emails. This is helpful for who keeps track of the inbox. But in the case of the stressful users, this could be annoying. The experts suggest shutting down the email notifications on your computer when it is not in use. The iOS Mail app displays the unread badge notifications on iOS. Therefore to manage this problem we can administer the badge notifications for the iOS Mail App.

Badge Notifications on iOS

If you are bored off getting the unread mail badge notifications on the iPhone screen with ‘ding’ notifications then here is the good news for you. We can manage the notifications for the specific Apps or even specific accounts. Hence go through the below information for removing the badge notifications for iOS devices.

How to turn off Badge App icon for Any App on iOS

This process works commonly for all teh versions of the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Step 1: First open the settings in your App.

In Step 2: Next tap on the ‘Notifications.’

Step 3: And then scroll down and select the App which you would like to disable the badge notifications.

Step 4: Toggle off the ‘Badge App icon. ‘

Turn Off iPhone Mail Notifications

The turn off notifications facility allows the users to hide all the incoming emails, for example, the unread email badge, new email notifications.  By turning off the email notification, you will not stop receiving the emails, but you will not know unless you go and look into them.

Badge Notifications on iOS

  • Navigate to settings >>> Notifications >>> Mail for turning off the Mail notifications.
  • At the top of the screen, you can see the ‘Allow Notifications’ and then tap on the green toggle button to turn it off.
  • Now get back to the iPhone screen and there you can notice that the Mail Application will no longer appear.

How to Turn off Unread Mail notifications for Specific Account

Yes, there is an option for hiding off the unread messages for the specific account. Therefore go through the below process to know how to turn off unread Mail notifications.

  • First, go to the Settings >>> Notifications >>> Mail and make sure that go to the Allow Notifications is turned on.
  • When you observe the list of email accounts then tap on the account and then disable the notifications to see specific account options.
  • For each Mail account, we can have various options for controlling and receive the notifications.
  • Therefore to disable the notifications navigate to the Notifications Center —> Badge App icon and then Show on the lock screen.

Badge Notifications on iOS

Finally setting these options to ensure that you will not receive any notifications for any specific email account.

Reach out here to disable Badge Notifications

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