How to Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text on Your iphone

Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text: The iPhone device has the best handy feature and now it is standard on the iOS devices which allows you to respond to an incoming call with the text message quickly. And this process is the perfect solutions for the users who are in busy in a meeting, driving, classroom or in any other difficult situations where they cannot give a response to the call. If the caller is important enough, then let them know they will be contacted as early as possible.

Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text

It happens to everyone all the time. Some people may get calls when they can’t answer the phone call of some reason like may be the people interviewing someone, or may in a show, or in any meeting. Auto replay is the best solution for the users who are in difficult situations to give the replay. With the help of the Auto Replay option, you can send the text messages which will let your friends or family members know that you are unable to answer their calls, but you may be able to respond to the text message. People who are looking to Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text on Your iPhone can read the below sections.

Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text on iPhone

People can customize three different auto reply messages at a time. Whether you are out for dinner, or you are in a meeting, or in a no cell phone zone, you can easily let the caller know that you cannot talk at the moment. Here we have given the simple tutorial for the iPhone users who have not yet figured out that they can send the customized auto replay. This session is very useful for the iPhone users that didn’t even know there was an auto reply feature. And this Auto replay feature is very helpful for the people at their busy moments.

Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text

First of all, people, who are new to the iPhone they must know that how to use auto reply. When you receive a call from someone, you have to take a quick look at the screen. Then you will be able to see three options, i.e., Slide to Answer, Remind Me, and also Message icon. In the Message icon option, you will able to find the auto replay feature. It provides three default messages, and you have to choose from them to give the auto reply. And it also provides the option to the customize your own message for giving an auto reply. If you want to know the method to customize your own messages, then have to follow the below simple steps.

How to Give a Reply to a Phone Call With a Text on Your iPhone

Here are the simple steps to customize the own messages. The iPhone provides some default messages for auto replay. But some of the people do not want to use that messages. So, here I have given the simple steps to create the own messages for giving the auto reply.

Auto Reply to a Phone Call With a Text

Step -1: First of all, you have to go the settings on iPhone device and then go to the Phone and then select the option that is respond with text.

Step -2: Then you will be able to find the three pre-formatted quick responses. And the default messages are offered by the Apple devices. Now, you have to open the one default message.

Step -3: Next, you have to type your message in your own words and repeat the same process for all the three options.

Step -4: Now, you have to click on the Phone button which is located on the top right screen to save your message. And when you receive a call, just click on the message icon to send the auto reply.

Step -5: That’s it.

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