How to Turn Off the 3 Most Annoying iOS 10 Features

Most Annoying iOS 10 Features: Hello everyone!! In this session, we are going to explain How to Turn Off the Most Annoying iOS 10 features. Apple iOS 10 has come with many new exciting features, but it also comes with some annoyances that might put you off. Instead, it’s a release that is packed full of refinements and new features that enhance Apple’s existing apps. There are a few changes that impact original iPhone and iPad functionality, and some of those changes have been received better than others by iPhone users with access to the public and private iOS 10 betas. For example, everyone seems to love the new lock screen in Apples’s latest iOS software, but the new gesture used to unlock the phone had been widely criticized. So, we have given some ways to fix some of these annoyances.

Annoying iOS 10 features

The iOS 10 update changes how you use your iPhone. The new features should be added to make the users more comfortable to use the phone. But the users can’t handle these new features which were added in the updated version of iOS10. Here are the methods to how to turn off the three most annoying iOS 10 features. You can also use this to put out the most annoying features of iOS 10.0.2. For some users, this will take back to the way that iPhone worked with iOS 9, and for others, they have to turn odd an annoying iOS 10 features that are more trouble than its importance. If iOS 10 is too much different for you, then disabling these annoying iOS 10 features isn’t enough. Also, you need to downgrade to iOS 9 for a limited time.

List of the Annoying iOS 10 Features:

  1. Raise to Wake.
  2. Hand writing mode opens whenever your iPhone is in Landscape orientation.
  3. Disable Press home to unlock and use Touch ID.
  4. Some apps will automatically add their extensions to messages.
  5. Turn off Reduce Motion for iMessage effects to work.
  6. No rating option for songs.
  7. You can reply to the messages from the Lock screen.
  8. There are a lot of useless Stock Apple Apps.
  9. You can’t remove all notifications on older devices.
  10. It is not possible for everyone to use “Optimized Music storage.”

How to Turn Off the 3 Most Annoying iOS 10 Features in iPhone

The following will tell you how to turn off the most annoying iOS 10 features.

1.Turn off Raise to Wake up in iOS 10

You have noticed the iOS 10 iPhone will turn on the screen when you just pick up the iPhone. This feature is known as “Raise to Wake.” But actually, we don’t want our phone always to turn on once we pick up it. Therefore, you can change the settings on the iPhone, so that you can disable this option.

  • Go to Sttings->Display & Brightness-> Raise to Wake-> Turn off.


Annoying iOS 10 features


2.Turn off Handwriting in Landscape Mode

Step 1: Open the Messages app and go to a particular conversation.

In Step 2: Rotate your iPhone to landscape orientation.

Step 3: Then a white canvas will appear for composing handwritten messages. To hide this option, tap on the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner.

In Step 4: The canvas will hide to display the conversation in the landscape.

Annoying iOS 10 features

3. Turn off Press to Unlock iPhone

Whenever you open your iPhone, you need to press to unlock the iPhone. Just we need to swipe the screen to open. You can go to the settings and change it to so that when you place your finger on your home button, it will open without pushing it.

  • Go to Settings->General->Accessibility-> Home button and turn on Rest Finger to Open.


Annoying iOS 10 features

As you have seen, you can easily fix most of the annoying iOS 10 features by tweaking around some default settings. So, try out the ways as mentioned above and let me know how they work out  As an iOS 10 user, what are the other major annoyances you face? Let me know in the comments section below.

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