5 Best GIF Maker Apps for Android & iPhone – Makes GIF Approach More Playful

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone: GIf is undoubtedly giving a lot of fun, but think how much it will be fun if you make it on your own. If such happens, the fun will be double. Do you have any idea that you can also make beautiful GIF images of your own with the help of best GIF maker apps available for your iPhone or Android? You can not only make these GIF images but it is also possible to share those with your friends instantly.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone

Now animated GIFs are on trend on blogs, social media, and on other websites also. Well, don’t think that making GIF is a big task as a lot of application s are now present in this tech market. These apps are meant to simplify your work and to save time. These best GIf apps come with images and some other element to make GIF playful and attractive. Here we will share some best Android and iOS  GIF makers applications.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone 

What is GIF ? Well, GIF is graphic Interchange Format in which without any change in the quality you can reduce images or videos. GIF is mainly preferred as it expresses your emotions and feelings in a sarcastic, comical and funnier manner. These are eye-catching as well as attractive.  In a single one word, we can term it as a short possible way in which we can say a lot. These can easily be added to GIF compatible web pages especially the page containing a huge amount of contents.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone

There are some  GIF creator software, apps, and web-based tools that can be used to create GIFs. Some images and YouTube videos can also be used to make GIFs.  You can make GIFs using the GIF makers apps, and can also share them with your friends on social networks. So if you are really interested to create some creative and awesome GIFs then try these below-listed GIF makers applications.

1. GIF Maker

This GIF maker app is very simple that helps you creating some unique GIFs. This GIF maker will let you capture continously whatever is going on surrounding and can make GIf of that later. Besides live video capture, GIF maker can also be used to make animated images. This GIF maker is available in 24 languages, So you are not going to face any language problem while using GID maker. The photo capture capacity of the maker ranges from ten to fifty those can be converted to GIF easily.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone

2. ImgPlay – GIF Maker & Video to GIF

This is the best GIF maker app when you are interested to take pics on different modes like iOS live photo, burst mode etc.  This GIF maker app will allow you to edit it before finalizing it and thus turn your shots easily into GIFs.  Editing includes adding captions, frames as well as setting the speed as well as the direction of the GIF.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone

3. Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam can also be another name for Google of GIF with different feelings. Giphy Cam is a GIf creation site that allows everyone to make GIFs with some crazy special FX or text etc. With this GIF app anybody can shoot a 5-frame Burst mode GIF on iPhone. You can finally share the GIF that you created through messages or on social networking site.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone

4. GifBoom

This GIF creator is loaded with animated and special frames. You can also make an excellent GIF from the images those are present in your mobile gallery. Making a GIF using GifBooom will take only 60 seconds. Not only you can make GIF with this app but also you can manage the speed of the GIF during preview itself. The app supports landscape as well as portrait orientation. Once you complete making a GIF you can send it or share it on social media or on any other platform.


5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone

5. Vine Camera

It is a great tool that allows the user to make the user make a six-second looping video easily. It can be shared with other easily over several social networking sites. You can edit any videos of your choice into a perfect GIf with the creation tool of this app. This GIF creator will let you save unfinished GIFs as drafts for later when you are creating some new. The ghost tool and a flash of Vine Camera help to enhance the look of GIF to further extend.

5 great GIF makers apps for Android and iPhone


Nowadays GIFs are the best way to express your feelings. Some messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, SnapChat support GIFs. Along with these messengers, GIFs are also used in the web pages as well as emails. In the above list we share  the best GIF makers for your iOS and Android devices. So regardless of the OS that you are using you can choose any one of these to make your GIF approach more playful.

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