How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram (Easy Guide)

How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram (Easy Guide):- Instagram is the one of the most popular social networking application for sharing photos and short videos with the world, Its all about to getting likes and getting followers to your Instagram account. But what if I want to make my Instagram account private? I want to hide my profile from my Facebook friends. I’ve faced this problem last week and now I’m here with the solution.

Did you also want to hide your Instagram profile from your Facebook friends? Want to stop your Facebook friends following you on Instagram? then keep reading this post… Here I’ve written steps for unlinking your Facebook from Instagram completely in very easy simple steps.

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Disconnecting Facebook from Instagram will now allow your Facebook friends to see your activities and also your Instagram account. Let’s find out How I’ve disconnected my Facebook account from Instagram completely.

How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram (Easy Guide)

  • Open Instagram and go to your profile tab.

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  • Now tap the menu button as highlighted in below picture.
  • You can see an option of “Linked accounts” tap on it and then further choose Facebook.
  • Once you tap on the Facebook option you can find an option of ‘Unlink’. (Shown in below picture)
  • Tap on unlink button and confirm your Facebook unlink from Instagram.
  • Almost half task is completed!

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But still you Facebook friends can see that you’re on Instagram because you’ve given authorization to Instagram for Facebook. So, Let’s remove it completely.

Steps for removing Instagram app from Facebook:

  • Go to this link. (Sign into your Facebook account, If you are not already signed in)
  • There you can see the list of Apps that you’ve given authorization to your Facebook account. Find Instagram app there. (If there are too many then you can use Ctrl+F to search Instagram)
  • Once You find it, click on the edit and you’ll see the menu as shown in below picture.
  • Click on the Remove app.
  • Then if you want to delete your all past activity of Instagram on Facebook then check that box and click on Remove button.
  • Wait a minute and then cheers! Guess why? because Now your Facebook is completely unlinked from Instagram, Non of your Facebook friends can find you on Instagram.

So, This is an easy guide about How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram? If you like this guide then don’t just read it also share and comment… It’s Free 😀


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    Best article on this topic, worked. Thank you

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    Easy guide?

  6. Anonymous says:

    When I go to that link you wrote I don’t see any list of apps! But my Facebook friends can still find me on Instagram

  7. Like the person above just said, I have no instagram app on my facebook and in the settings on instagram, there is no link to facebook. Still, friends on facebook that get instagram can see that I have an instagram account. What more can I do to stop that?

  8. How did you log into your instagram account after step #2? I tried both my insta name and then my email. Both didn’t work for me. The password I entered was definitely correct. So weird.

  9. Vivianne says:

    Same as above as well, no App in Facebook of Instagram and no “Linked account” in instagram, it still even gives me the option to sign in to Facebook but somehow facebook friends are still finding me.

  10. simona says:

    My friends are still finding me on instagram. I am going mad.

  11. None of this worked for me. I have disabled everything through Facebook and Instagram, unlinked everything and I STILL get notifications that my Facebook friends are on Instagram and they can find me. What the heck?

  12. I did all this steps and I keep getting a message in instagra that X facebook friend is now on instagram. I thought I would unlink it completely. Am I missing something?

    Thank you

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