Android Pattern Lock ideas with Hardest Pattern Lock Tips

Probably you are searching for the Android pattern lock ideas and you landed here ! So, here we’ll discuss how you can create the most difficult to unlock patterns for your android phone or may be its Android tablet also We’ll discuss about some very common android patterns for lock screen than an ordinary person try to enter.

As well as, We’ll discuss about how to set a good patter lock and some unique tips you should follow while setting up a Pattern lock to your android smartphone.

So, here I’ll serve best Android pattern lock ideas which are coolest, hardest and also I’ll serve best tips to set an extraordinary patterns and also Some easy and conman pattern lock screen ideas that around 80% of android users are using it.

So, First let’s start with the common Android pattern lock ideas.

Common Android Pattern Lock ideas :

Here I am providing some common pattern lock ideas that many people set to their phone, you can give it a try to crack their patter lock.

So, If you want to make your patter more secure then don’t set non of below pattern to your android smartphone may be someone will crack it !

So, first let me give a number to all the 9 dots which are in pattern lock.
Android pattern lock sequence
You can see, I’ve given number to all the 9 dots of the pattern in image that you need to follow in further pattern Ideas !

1st common pattern lock idea is ‘Z’ shape that most people set to their android gadgets. The numbers sequence for this pattern lock is 1-2-3-5-7-8-9 . Also You can see it in below image. Also the reverse sequence is common idea.

Common android pattern lock idea #1

2nd common pattern lock idea is ‘N’ shape mostly persons with the name starts from latter N their pattern lock screen is in the shape of N latter. the sequence for this pattern in the form of number is 7-4-1-5-9-6-3 also you can try this sequence from 3 to 7.

Common android pattern lock idea #1

3rd common pattern lock idea is in the shape of latter ‘S’. Generally, Persons with the name starts from latter S set this pattern lock to his/her Android smartphones. The number sequence for this pattern lock is 3-2-1-4-5-6-9-8-7. The picture of the S latter pattern lock is shown below.

Common android pattern lock idea #3

4th common pattern lock idea is somewhat like the shape of the latter ‘L’. generally, Persons who don’t like typical patterns and want to set a easy to remember pattern they set this type of pattern lock to their Android gadgets. The sequnce of number for this pattern lock is 1-4-7-8-9. This is very short and also easy to remember.

Common android pattern lock idea #4

5th common pattern lock idea is starts from the number 5 and ends to number 7, It may be in reverse from too. Number sequence for this pattern lock is 5-8-9-6-3-2-1-4-7 or It may be in reverse sequence. The picture of this pattern lock idea is shown in the below picture, You can give it a try.

Common android pattern lock idea #5
So, these are the Common pattern lock ideas which most of the people set to their Android smartphones. So, if you want to keep your smartphone safe and secure then try something unique with your pattern lock.
I’ve written some unique tips for Setting up pattern lock lock which is very difficult to crack. So, let’t go through it.

Tips for Setting a Good Pattern Lock :

Here are some unique tips you should follow while setting up a pattern lock to your Android smartphone.
  • Pattern lock should not be your Name’s first latter or Your loved one’s name first latter.
  • Never use common pattern lock ideas which are shown above.
  • Try to maximum use 6-8 dots for creating your good pattern.
  • Do not use visible pattern to unlock your Smartphone.
  • Never tell your pattern to someone else.
  • If you are setting up a latter as your pattern lock then set it in the reverse sequence so, less chances of getting crack.
  • Keep changing your pattern lock screen regularly.
  • Set up a complicated pattern lock. (Not over complicated because there is chance of forget pattern.)

So, these are the main key tips for setting up a Good and hard pattern lock for your android smartphones.

Now, let’s see my collection of some hardest as well as coolest android pattern lock ideas. (It is advisable to do not set it to your android smartphone, due to more chances of forgotten by yourself.)

Hardest as well as Coolest pattern lock ideas :

1st Difficult pattern lock idea is shown in the below picture, The sequence of the number for this pattern is 7-4-1-6-8-5-2-3-9. You can see its a very complicated patten to unlock ! Also it may be in reverse direction from 9 to 4 it will be more hard to unlock it.
Hardest Coolest Pattern lock #1


2nd Difficult pattern lock idea is somewhat looking like a star, So, it is also known as the star android patten lock. The number sequence for this patten lock is 1-8-3-4-9-2-7-6. The picture of the start android pattern lock is shown below.

3rd Difficult pattern lock idea is in the shape of the triangle but it is very hard to crack this patter. Even while setting up this patten I’ve have tried 2-3 times then after I was able to take this picture. The sequence of this pattern lock is 7-6-1-8-3. There are only 5 dots to join but its a very tough task to do it.

4th Difficult patten lock idea is an unusual shape and very hard to crack it. It starts from the number 6 and ends to number 7. The number sequence for this pattern is 6-8-3-2-1-5-4-7. The picture of this pattern is shown below.


5th and last Difficult pattern lock idea is like the shape of a Home ! You can see this patten in below picture its clearly looking like the icon of the Home. The number sequence for this difficult pattern is 1-5-8-9-6-2-4-7.

So, these all are the hardest as well as coolest pattern. If you’ve enjoyed this pattern and tips for setting up a Good patterns then don’t forget to send this with your friends.


  1. Aerosin says:

    Try 3-5-7-2-9-1-4-8-6, looks awesome and is hard to figure out, and even to enter for some time until you get used to it .

  2. Ashwin Reddy says:

    Its a cool Lock Pattern Aerosin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    try 5-7-3-8-2-4-1-9-6

  4. Ashwin Reddy says:

    great pattern lock.

  5. Try 4-8-6-9-3-5-1-7

  6. Also try 3-5-1-6-7-2-9-4-8

  7. Anonymous says:

    Try 7-4-2-6-9-8-5-1-3

  8. Also try 2-7-4-1-5-9-6-3-8

  9. How do you do the L and G letters?????

  10. Also try 4-2-5-7-6-8-3-9-1

  11. you should try 2-5-3-7-6-8-4-9-1

  12. also try 7-5-3-6-8-4-2-9-1

  13. Try 1-4-7-5-3-6-9-2, I call it the bow tie!

  14. ashfaq girach says:

    Try one more… 684251235789

  15. Try this 2-4-6-9-3-8-1-7

  16. Try 357281649

  17. try this one says:

    its star 😉

  18. Try 4 2 8 6 3 9 1 7

  19. Try symmetry lock pattern
    Have other ideas? Comment below!!

  20. Must see to believe. Try 1-2-3-7-5-2

  21. Try a star.. 7-2-9-4-6

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Try 1-5-3-9-2-7-4-8

  24. Try 1+8+3+4+9+2+7+6+5

  25. Try this one easy but stil draw it fast after remembering… 4-2-5-6-8-7-3

  26. 5-8-4-6-7-2-4-1-3

  27. Try 5 7 3 4 6 1 9

  28. try



  29. 1-5-9-2-7-3
    Rising star lol
    An awesome-er and challenging star

  30. Anonymous says:

    3-2-5-8-7-9-6-4-1 looks…….. interresting

  31. Try 1-2-4-3-5-7-6-8-9 ! ㋡㋡

  32. Try 1-2-4-3-5-7-6-8-9 ! ㋡㋡

  33. Try The K Letter : 9-5-3-7-4-1 ?

  34. Conrad Jasper Enaman says:

    The NN pattern.
    Or maybe you’ll like this too ^_^

  35. OriginalPatterns says:

    Try 1-5-7-3
    For y 🙂


    Typical Pattern :
    * Condition Apply *
    Keep Your Pattern Lock Invisible Mark.
    here your pattern ✌❤


  37. Try this… 4-2-6-8-5-3-5-7-8-9-5-1

  38. leo messi says:


  39. CrazyFroese says:

    Try 6-5-4-1-7-8-2-3-9. It makes the number “69”

  40. try this…..5 8 4 2 6 7 3 9 1

  41. Try 5-4-6-9-3-2-1-7 for an A


    5-2-8-7-4-6-9-3-1 for a cool shape
    or 5-8-2-1-3-6-4-7-8

  42. Try imposible lock
    8 6 5 4 2 1 3 7 9

  43. 2 4 8 6 5 3 9 7 1

  44. Try 2-4-8-6-5-3-9-7-1

  45. Anonymous says:

    Thank You!!!! I had an old phone and I forgot the password and this gave me the answer

  46. Tamilarasan says:


  47. Try 2-6-3-5-9-84-1-7

  48. Try it very nice

  49. 4-8-1-7-9-5-9-2-3-6

  50. try 6-5-4-7-1-9-3

  51. Ritwik (India) says:

    any one try this? pls try the combination and give me a reply.

  52. 4*8*5*9*5*1*6*2*7*3

  53. 4-2-6-5-8-7-1-3-9 Its a house bruh.

  54. Durga teja says:

    5-4-7-1-2-8 gives. A
    4-5-8-7-1 gives b
    C is so easy
    5-4-7-8-2 gives. d
    5-6-3-2-8-9 gives e
    6-5-7-2-3 gives. F
    5-4-1-2-8-7-3 gives. . g
    8-5-4-7-1 gives h
    1-2-5-8-7-9 gives. I
    5-4-7-8-2-1-3 gives. J
    9-5-2-8-7-3 gives. K
    L is so simply
    M ,n,o,p are also simple
    5-4-1-2-8-6 gives. q
    8-4-5-2-1-7 gives. R
    S is simple
    8-5-2-1-3 gives. T
    2-5-5-7 gives. Y

  55. Try this 1-5-8-7-3-6-9-4-2

  56. Chetnik 035 says:

    Easy, quick awsome and impossible to figure out

  57. Starscream says:


    Looks kool and I’ve shown people a million times still no one can get in my phone

  58. try this easy but looks hard

  59. 5 6 9 3 2 8 1 2 7
    Try it . It is A with N very nice pattern

  60. 3-5-2-8-7-9-4-6-1 or 2-3-1-6-8-9-7-4 work very well for me

  61. Try this 2-5-7-3-4-8-6-1-9
    It is very protective n cool

  62. Anonymous says:


  63. Anonymous says:

    try 1-5-2-4-7-6-3-8-9

  64. Try 5-2-7-6-1-8-3-4-9

  65. Try to use religious ?
    Use this
    I call it ऊँ on

  66. Anonymous says:

    Try this 2 4 8 6 1 3 5 7 9

  67. selvakumar says:

    Try this
    It’s very quick to draw and hard to find out
    It gives electric symbol

  68. Anonymous says:


  69. Jagpreet Singh says:

    Try this

  70. helpmepls says:

    can anyone please tell a pattern starting with 1-4-2-3-5

  71. Hyder bhat says:

    759624831 try this owesime lock ???????????????

  72. Anonymous says:

    All are nice but i want the pattern in RN soo

  73. try 4 5 1 9 6 3 7

  74. Guys
    2-5-3-7 makes perfect Y

  75. Anonymous says:

    try 5-1-6-7-2-9-4-3-8 🙂

  76. What’s up everyone, it’s my first visit at this web page, and
    piece of writing is genuinely fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting these articles.

  77. SaMiR khan says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    Try most good looking and very hard to get pattern.

  79. praveen says:


  80. How about this

  81. I use

    4 2 6 3 5 8

  82. M. Abdullah says:

    well I think 5-8-2-4-7-1-6-9-3 is a great Pattern. it is immpossible to figure out even if someone traces out you finger marks on the screen.

  83. Do not use any of the above a thief can compare your lock with the above .
    So, make your own complex pattern and set it.

  84. Its awesome pattern lock 7,2,9,4,3,8,1,6,5

  85. 5 7 2 9 4 3 8 1 6

  86. Vipul 173314 very hard

  87. I forgot my password to my cellphone

  88. 8-6-5-1-9-3-7-2-4 amazing one!!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    I’ve only had one person get this one for my phone

  90. Fast-Hard-simple

  91. Try it

  92. Deepak toonwal says:

    try this
    its cool

  93. Jesriel John Sarambao says:

    Mine is 3-5-1-9-2-7-6-8-4. try it

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