OG YouTube APK Download Free Latest Version – OG YouTube Full APK

OG YouTube APK Download Free Latest Version – OG YouTube Full APK – Watching videos on you-tube of your interest is something really interesting and entertaining as well. Watching the funny dub-mash videos or the political speeches of Mr. Modi or Mr. Gandhi or what about learning a quick, easy recipe on YouTube within few minutes. Doing all this a much more is real fun on YouTube, but there are many a time when you are caught up in situations like you really want a video downloaded in your SmartPhone. Sounds great but seems impossible right? Don’t worry such desires of yours won’t sound impossible any further.

OG YouTube APK Download Free Latest Version - OG YouTube Full APK

YouTube is a great platform for not only entertainment but much of serious stuff like research, education and much more. When you see some video on YouTube, and you want it in downloaded in your android device for future references.

You are required to have many other additional apps and follow a long process and then finally, you can get a video of you-tube downloaded. Don’t worry, now to cut down such a lengthy and tiring process, we get to you OG YouTube.

OG YouTube APK is a unique client of YouTube, which makes your experience with YouTube more fruitful and enjoyable. This app lets you download any video of your choice or preference from YouTube. OG YouTube directly downloads the video and stores it to the memory of your Android device.

The best and the most highlighting part of this app is that it helps you to download any video in any of the available resolutions which you want, and it’s not a joke mind you, it even can download a video for you directly in MP3 format.

OG YouTube Full APK

OG YouTube is the older version of the official client of YouTube. There is the minute difference between the two that’s it, in the current one there is download button at the end of every video. When you press the button it gives you various options to choose from.

You can select the quality of video you want to download, the format you want it in and other requirements which you want in the video which will be downloaded in your devices memory.

One more thing which is very important to enjoy download OG YouTube APK to the best is that you should not log in with your account on OG YouTube. As a consequence of your logging in with your account, you won’t be able to download your favorite videos any further.

So, always keeps this very important thing in mind that to get full utility of the app doesn’t log in with your account.

OG YouTube APK is the best YouTube client which you can use to download your favorite videos in your desired format instantly.

This is the best app for all the android users, there are many for the same purpose, but OG YouTube utility and interface gives its users the best output.

The latest version of OG YouTube APK has some excellent new additions to it like the latest version which is v.2, was launched in January 2016 is updated to base 10.45.53.

This excellent and effective new version now supports Android Marshmallow and even helps you fix your download issues if any with some videos. There are many other improvements in the new version, and all the other issues are fixed too.

OG YouTube APK Download Free Latest Version Features:

The latest version of OG provides you with many options, a simple sign in to, the youtube account can take place through the menu bar. The app provides you with series of various categories to make the searching process easy and efficient.

The categories include like – popular on you-tube, music, sports, gaming and many more. There is an option provided to you to search other categories also which include – Animation, Automotive, Comedy, Entertainment and more. There is an option of DIY which helps you to find for you, videos of your interest.

OG YouTube APK Download Free Latest Version - OG YouTube Full APK

As you will land on the home page of OG YouTube, you will see options like trending videos which act as a separate category for users to navigate. There is also an option of Music Videos, which is divided into sub-categories like recommended videos, the latest videos and more. There are options for everything; you can even see a record of downloads and customize app settings, etc.

One of the best features of OG YouTube is that it is not necessary to play the video on the complete window; it can run in a small window. The app also has a feature to open the related or similar videos on the left side of the screen when you open any video of your interest.

When you download OG YouTube, a folder named OG Downloader will be created automatically. Whatever videos you will download all will be stored in this folder. You can assign then on the basis of size, name, time, etc. and you can even enable or disable options like screen playback, background playback, etc.

OG YouTube also provides you with an option to access YouTube in those areas where it is banned with its option of Hotspot Shield for running the videos. Some salient features include –

  • Multiple downloads and installs can take place at the same time.
  • There is an option of viewing the video on background & pop-up window.
  • You can also access the video even if the screen is off.
  • The range options of quality of the video are huge and high from 140p – 1440p
  • You can directly download and install videos in MP3 format and can even download the captions of the videos if needed.
  • There is an option to push back button 2 times when you want to exit any video, which helps you give the last chance to take your right decision.

OG YouTube APK Download Free Latest Version – OG YouTube Full APK

Download OG YouTube APK | OG YouTube APKOG YouTube APK download

Downloading the latest version of OG YouTube APK Download file is just a matter of few clicks. All that you need to do is click on this link OG YouTube APK Download & Install the app and after the installing is done, launch the app. After you have launched the app, you will land on the home screen. If you are launching it for the first time, you will receive a description of the options available. Now, you can launch ‘n’ number of playlists of videos and watch your favorite videos costing you nothing. It works faster than you can imagine.


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