Hexlock: Keeps apps private with smart profiles for any situation!

Hexlock App Lock:- Imagine this situation: you lend your mobile to your partner, colleague or kid, and immediately starts trembling, worried about what they can do accessing your Facebook or Twitter profile, your WhatsApp conversations, your emails, your gallery, your bank apps and so on.

Today we present Hexlock, the app locker that allows you to protect the applications you want without blocking all the phone and avoid this kind of situation.

Hexlock App Lock

What is great about Hexlock (and different from the other app lockers) is that it’s possible to define a specific profile for each situation.

For example, you can define a profile for your kids, where they will be able to access all the games in your device, but will not be able to touch email, bank apps or Google Play.

You can define another profile for your work, where emails will be available, but not the social media apps.

Hexlock App Lock:-

It’s possible to create up to six different profiles on the same device, and most important: you don’t have to keep changing between them. Hexlock automatically change the profile when it detects a known Wi-Fi connection. So, when you connect to work’s WiFi, it changes to work profile, and when you come home, it changes to your home profile!

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Easy to configure:

After downloading the app, you just have to set a pattern or a pin, and select the apps you want to block. To block an app, you just have to hit the key on/off at the side of app’s name.

More security:

You can make the pattern invisible, to avoid that curious friend that like to take a peek over your shoulder.

Hexlock App Lock


The six standard profiles are: Home, Parental, Work, School, Party and Café, but you can customize the names and colors the way it suits your lifestyle. Gym profile? For sure!

Set up Auto Activate:

Enabling this option, Hexlock will change the profile when it detects a known WiFi network.

Protection against uninstall:

If someone with more knowledge have your phone in hands and decide to uninstall Hexlock to gain access to your blocked apps, he’ll be blocked, as Hexlock has a protection against unauthorized uninstall.

New apps included in the existing profiles:

when you install a new app, Hexlock asks if you want to include the new app in one of the profiles you already created, so you don’t have to search for it after.

Lock apps with your unique fingerprint:

if you have a compatible devices with Android M, you can also use your fingerprint to block and unblock your apps.

Besides being very light (4Mb), this app locker was rated as 4.5 stars on Google Play. It is translated to six different languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Chinese), making it even more simple to use.

Hexlock is developed by Liquidum Limited, which recently received The Top Developer badge on Google Play, granted to developers committed to launching innovative and high quality apps.

Hexlock is a free app locker, and it’s available on Google Play.

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Have you ever needed to lend your device to someone and got worried about them taking a peek on your pictures, or your social media and conversations? Today we present Hexlock, an app locker that helps users keep their apps secure and locked away from prying eyes without completely locking down their whole device. And what’s better, it’s completely free.

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