151 Best Ever Whatsapp Status

151 Best Ever Whatsapp Status – In this world of the internet if we talk about a messaging applications then the first name come on your lips is WhatsApp! In Whatsapp, Whatsapp status is used to sharing your feeling and what’s happening now around you in the a form of the words and Whatsapp smileys, emojies […]

3 Best WhatsApp Dare Messages with Answers

3 Best WhatsApp Dare Messages with Answers:- WhatsApp is one of the best apps for messaging app for Smartphones, Recently Whatsapp dare messages are going viral. In these messages, you will be asked to choose a number, color or later and it has a dare behind it! Whatever number you select you will have to […]

100 Short Whatsapp Status – Best Quotes

100 Short Whatsapp Status – Best Quotes – After getting huge response to our collection of 151 Best ever Whatsapp status, These time we are writing a best collection of Short Whatsapp Status quotes for our awesome readers. These Whatsapp statuses are Short as we have said in the title as well as they are […]

Whatsapp Dare – Choose Alphabet and Perform Dare

Whatsapp Dare – Choose Alphabet and Perform Dare – Hello, Again we are coming with the Whatsapp dare messages! This time, it Alphabet game, Choose any alphabet and perform dare which you will get in answers of dare. Send this Whatsapp alphabet dare to your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone else with you want to […]

How to Turn Off the 3 Most Annoying iOS 10 Features

Most Annoying iOS 10 Features: Hello everyone!! In this session, we are going to explain How to Turn Off the Most Annoying iOS 10 features. Apple iOS 10 has come with many new exciting features, but it also comes with some annoyances that might put you off. Instead, it’s a release that is packed full of refinements and […]

Know How to Disable Reachability on iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/ 6S Plus

Disable Reachability on iPhone: Hello everyone. We are here to share some important points regarding how to Disable Reachability on iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/ 6S Plus. Yes now lets us go deep into the topic on disabling the reachability on iPhone devices. All of us know that the iPhone 6 and six plus is having the 5.5 inches screen which is nearer […]

How to manage Netflix shows and movies on your phone

Are you looking to Download the movies and TV shows in Netflix app? But you are not getting the correct information about the application? Stop searching and go through the article to get the details about the application. The ability to download the save movies and Television shows for viewing offline. The Netflix users had […]

How to Use the New Camera Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus

New Camera Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus: The latest version of the iPhone 7 plus has dual camera lenses and with the secondary lenses allows for the 2x optical zoom with the 10x digital zoom modifier. The 2X optical zoom feature of iPhone 7 Plus is very excellent and easy. And this process works slightly […]

How to fix iPhone 7/6s/6/5s 4013 error in all Apple devices

People who are using the iPhones are occasionally run into a strange Fix the iTunes error 4014/4013, i.e., 9,4005,4014/4013. That prevents you from an upgrading the latest IOS version through iTunes. The error is hardware related but like all the things in digital and you do not get to fix the error without a share of […]

3 Ways to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus: Nowadays, many people are using iPhones. After releasing the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, most of the users are changing their iPhone 5/ 6/ 6s to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7S. And many people are suffering from transferring the data from one iPhone to another iPhone […]

How to Disable the Badge Notifications on iOS Mail App

Badge Notifications on iOS: Are you not interested in showing the Badge Notifications on iOS??? Then we will help you out in this problem. If you are not interested in the visual alert indicators, then you can disable the badge notifications ans stop them from appearing on the App icons. In this article deals with how […]